Newly listed plush toys abroad in September 2015

by:Ennas      2021-11-06
New foreign products are often the indicator of my country's toy export. For example, what kind of plush toys will be popular, which cloth toys are newly listed, etc., both toy manufacturers and distributors should pay attention to them in time and grasp the market conditions.   Press the face of the owl rattle, it will make a hilarious sound. In addition, this product has the function of emitting soft night light and playing soft sleeping music. Holding a light blue Bobbi bear with a comfortable feel, no matter day or night, it is a good companion for your baby's home travel. Produced by BlueBox. With the theme of his love for basketball, the bear wears an orange-red hat embroidered with the English words 'Basketball GeneralBuilt-in baby rattle. The same series of bears will involve various other sports elements. Produced by BabyGund.  The image of a sleeping bunny, 100% pure cotton fabric, feels comfortable, giving people a sense of tranquility, and people can't help but want to sleep peacefully with it. It is a good companion for babies, and a rattle is built into the rabbit's belly. Produced by LivingTextiles.   Recently, the news that the Lion King Cecil of Zimbabwe was hunted shocked the Internet. This product is a new product launched to raise funds for animal protection and call people to pay attention to the problem of hunting and killing wild animals. This product adopts the cute lion cub shape, the big round eyes look pitiful and cute, and the sitting posture is well-behaved, which is intended to arouse people's affection for animals. Produced by Ty.
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