New Year’s toys are piled up like a mountain, “It’s useless to keep it, but it’s a pity to discard it”

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

Tianjin Channel Toys are almost a must-have gift when visiting relatives and friends with children during the Spring Festival. But for the children’s parents, the old toys are fine, and a new batch is coming. As the children grow up, many toys are no longer playing. Faced with toys that are 'useless to keep, and a pity to discardI received 22 toys in the new year. During the Spring Festival, Ms. Zhang's family visited many relatives and friends. The relatives and friends knew that Ms. Zhang's family had children, so toys became a must-have gift. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw at Ms. Zhang’s house that there were 15 toys with a length of more than 50 cm, such as remote-controlled cars, electric motorcycles, airplane models, and bicycles. There were also 7 small toys, most of which had not had time to unpack them. There are three large cardboard boxes on the balcony, which are full of toys. Except for some of them are dirty, most of the toys are relatively new. The old walkers and carts are also placed aside. Ms. Zhang's son is 5 years old this year, and these toys are 'outdated'. Even though some toys can be played with, they are thrown aside by children who love the new and hate the old. I can’t give it to others. Ms. Zhang pointed to a remote-controlled car and said that there are already three such cars. She once bought one for her child for more than 400 yuan. Later, a friend gave a new one. Now this one is still available. Very good condition, but the child has stopped playing. There are more than 20 toys like this in Ms. Zhang's house. The family suggested that Ms. Zhang take the old toy as a gift, but she still didn't take it out after thinking about it. Ms. Zhang said that now everyone's life is better. Everyone can afford toys. Most parents will buy new toys for their children. Some of my toys are worn out, and some are dirty. I am worried that the toys are not clean. No one cares about online sales. Some friends suggested that Ms. Zhang put second-hand toys on the Internet for sale, but after more than a month, they couldn’t sell one. The reporter saw on a website that sells second-hand toys that there are dozens of second-hand toys sold online. Xiaolin, a young mother in Hexi District of this city, also published more than 10 second-hand toys on the Internet because of too many toys at home. However, only two of them were sold in more than two months. She told reporters that although there were several buyers inquiring, the buyers were most concerned about the hygiene of the toys. Xiaolin sent photos to buyers through WeChat and even took micro-videos so that buyers could see the integrity and integrity of the toys. The level of cleanliness, but the buyer ultimately did not choose to trade. Ms. Zhang tried to donate these second-hand toys to children in poverty-stricken areas, but when they arrived at the unit that received the donation, the other party declined Ms. Zhang's donation. The reporter contacted the Tianjin Disaster Relief and Poverty Alleviation Donation Workstation. The staff said that at present, the donation station only accepts whole batches of donated toys from toy manufacturers, and temporarily does not accept second-hand toys donated by individuals. Expert opinions can build an exchange platform with the children of migrant workers, Li Baofang, an associate researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, said that toys can inspire children's feelings and perceptions and make them grow up happily. However, parents do not buy as many toys as possible for their children. Parents must purchase them rationally and selectively so as to minimize the accumulation and waste of old toys. If children's needs for new toys are met unconditionally, they may develop some bad habits, such as comparison, extravagance and waste, not knowing how to cherish and so on. As for how to deal with idle toys at home, Li Baofang suggested that streets, communities, or non-governmental organizations build a toy exchange platform to establish a smooth toy exchange channel with the children of migrant workers in the area, so that parents will be aware of the source of toys and hygiene issues. Relatively assured, idle toys can be delivered to children in need as soon as possible.
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