New U.S. toy regulations take effect, Rizhao export companies should pay attention

by:Ennas      2021-11-12
(Trainee reporter Yuan Meng, correspondent Li Xin) Recently, the reporter learned from the Rizhao Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that the American toy mandatory standard ASTM F963-16 'Consumer Safety Specification-Toy Safety' established by the American Material and Testing Association ASTM has been released in April 2017. It came into effect on the 30th. The certification (children’s product certificate) of toys produced on and after the effective date needs to be tested in accordance with the requirements of ASTM F963-16. For Chinese toy export companies, toys that do not meet the requirements of ASTM F963-16 Unable to enter the US market. It is understood that the new standard covers all toys sold in the United States. The overall requirements are more stringent than the previous ASTM F963-11 standard. The main ones are: the kinetic energy requirements of the newly revised projectile toys are consistent with the national standard; Test requirements for battery pack toys, test requirements for expansion toys, test requirements for toy boxes, additional warning label requirements for button batteries with a voltage greater than or equal to 1.5V; revision of the requirements for heavy metals and microbiological indicators, etc. In this regard, the inspection and quarantine department reminded the toy export enterprises within the jurisdiction to pay attention to the changes in the new regulations and take specific measures in accordance with relevant requirements to ensure compliance with the requirements of the importing country; the second is to strengthen the awareness of main responsibility and actively strengthen the quality of toys. , Improve the quality control level, and effectively maintain the overseas image of Made in China.
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