New products released by Little Scholars, meet you at the 2020 CTE China Toy Fair

by:Ennas      2021-11-10

Affected by the new crown epidemic, the overall sales of the toy industry have shown a downward trend. Scene toys have a tendency to 'go upstream'. Data shows that scene toys have increased year-on-year since February this year, and the increase has exceeded that of technologically intelligent toys. There are many reasons for this. Parents who are 'trapped' at home are finally free from busy work and have a lot of time to accompany their children, and the drawbacks of electronic products are gradually exposed, so the demand for scene-type interactive toys is rapidly increasing. Counterattack. Little scholar: Persist in the perfect combination of traditional toys and modern trends. Today when high-tech toys are popular, the market share of traditional toys is squeezed, but elementary school students always adhere to the pure land of traditional toys and give traditional toys new life with modern trends. Shantou Xiaoxuezhe Animation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, which mainly produces and sells educational and scene toys. The design style of the young scholar keeps up with the trend of the times, the scene design respects the originality, highly restores the real scene, and provides children with high-quality scene and educational toys. Starting from gender and spreading to categories, the 'private customized' scientific research in the scene toy industry shows that children's early learning mainly depends on 'imitation.' Scene games play an important role in children's cognitive ability and imagination. In scene games, children's verbal communication skills can be improved, which is conducive to children's understanding of the world, and promotes the comprehensive development of imagination, self-control, execution, and organization and coordination. In response to the growth and development needs of children, elementary school students have also experienced continuous improvement from gender to category. In 2016, the first set of play house scene toys tailored for girls was launched. In 2017, the new theme series of 'Love Pets' was launched to achieve categories. Breakthrough. In 2019, scene products for boys continued to be launched. Elementary school students are like a magician, creating their own colorful world for children. New product release, meet you at the 2020CTE China Toy Fair The product design is sophisticated, the scene is truly restored, and the children's perceptual cognition is enhanced. Starting from the children's emotional cognition and experience, it pays attention to the connection between real life and new-age toys, and fully mobilizes children through appearance, touch and fun. At the same time, this series of products contains scientific knowledge such as spatial structure and gravity, which can stimulate children's desire to explore science to a certain extent. The functions are diverse and the market prospects are very promising. Young scholars have decided to participate in the CTE China Toy Fair to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 21-23, 2020. All new products will be displayed on site. Channels, distributors and online and offline toy buyers are welcome to come, now The pre-registration channel of CTE China Toy Fair has been opened. Log in to the buyer pre-registration system ( on the official website of CTE China Toy Fair, and pre-register, you can enjoy six VIP exclusive services. The spring of scene educational toys has already begun, and we look forward to your arrival.
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