New products of Huile Toys are on the market

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
When the cute baby at home can walk, the next step mom and dad should do for the baby is to provide effective motor skills training! Today, I want to introduce you a super new product-Huile Dancing Cat, dance teaching, tease chase, guide imitation, the gameplay is really magical! Dancing cat, suitable for 18M+ baby cat archives · optimistic, honest, enthusiastic, challenging Sagittarius · music, dance, sports senior hobby enthusiast · have trendy headphones, AJ trendy shoes, Q cute necklaces. Attention, dancing cat is with Here comes the task! Dancing Cat Healthy Life Ambassador Hidden identity and healthy growth is what every mother expects of her child. One day, a mother came to Meow Planet, looking for a way to let her children grow up healthy. In the name of love, let the children exercise happily, so the dancing cat left the planet Meow and came to the earth to become the children's healthy life ambassador! Rebellious kitten? Don't be fooled by its appearance! Don’t think I’m a cool little cat, I’m very easy to get along with~ Baby, do you want to learn skills with me? Highlight 1: Cute and cool dancing cat, swinging and dancing, funny dancing posture, can be static and movable, there are brilliant tricks to be handsome and cute! In dynamic mode, it can also run and dance, and play cool in circles. You must catch up with your baby! Highlight 2: Don’t look at the dancing cat as a fool, but it is very responsible for teaching~ When you select the [Dancing with Me] mode, the cat will become a little teacher! Highlight 3 Let's learn to talk together~ When the baby turns on the recording mode, the dancing cat will playfully imitate the baby to talk! You can also talk to your baby improvisationally. Who is not a smart little cute? Highlights Four trend kids also have a funny side~ If the baby lifts the dancing cat’s earphones or swings its tail, the dancing cat will not only not be angry, but will also talk. Let the baby play! Dancing cat has nothing else but good abilities? No, it can also protect the babies intimately! Resistant to falls and crashes, you can play both indoors and outdoors! Babies hurry up and exercise with the dancing cat!
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