New models are sold out when they are online. Why is Lego 'Harry Potter' so popular

by:Ennas      2022-01-23
Lego toys have always been loved by consumers. This month, Lego launched a new Harry Potter series of Diagon Alley toys. Once they went online, they triggered a wave of consumer purchases. As of September 3, it is not only the official flagship of Lego Tmall. The store has been sold out, and at the same time, some purchasing shops also show that the inventory is tight. While the new product is on sale, LEGO's previously launched Harry Potter series, such as the Collector's Edition Castle and The Burrow, have also become popular products. This is not only inseparable from the IP influence of Harry Potter itself, but also related to the classic scenes that most products aim at, and some products can be combined with other products to enhance the collection. Public information shows that the new product on Diagon Alley has 5,544 parts and 14 figures. It is a relatively large-scale product in the Lego Harry Potter series in recent times. After the product was officially launched for sale on September 1, it quickly attracted the attention of consumers. According to the customer service staff of Lego’s official flagship store on Tmall, the product is selling very fast, and it was already sold out on September 2nd. There is no notice for the future whether it will continue to be new. At the same time, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily learned from a number of Lego purchasing shops that after the official launch of Diagon Alley, many consumers came to consult and place orders, and the sales of many purchasing shops have reached nearly 50%. Parts, and some stores are already in tight inventory. The hot sales scene of Diagon Alley did not surprise people, and it is worth mentioning that the Harry Potter series launched by Lego also triggered a wave of purchases at this time. Among them, the monthly sales of the Collector's Edition Castle in the official flagship store of Lego Tmall reached 125 pieces, and at the same time, the product sold dozens of pieces in a single store within two days. In addition, the Harry Potter series of astronomical towers, the Burrow, No. 4 Privet Road and other products that LEGO previously launched have also achieved sales of dozens of pieces. The popularity of this series of products firstly stems from the influence of IP itself. Li Jie, a researcher at the think tank of the digital cultural and creative industry, believes that the Harry Potter IP has formed a large audience worldwide through more than 20 years of operation, and through the emergence of different products such as series of derivative movies and games in recent years, Further gathering more audiences, at this time Lego launches new products with this IP, which will undoubtedly receive higher attention. At this stage, the number of Harry Potter products launched by Lego is also increasing. According to incomplete statistics, since Lego restarted the Harry Potter series in 2018, at least 8 products have been launched every year in 2018 and 2019. Since this year, Lego has launched at least 7 products, and many products are designed in classic Harry Potter scenes. At the same time, some products, such as the astronomical tower, can also be combined with the castle suits launched in 2018 and 2019. Together. Li Jie said that this is also the reason why the Harry Potter series products launched by Lego can sell more popular. Choosing the classic scenes in the classic IP further strengthens the gold content of the products. It not only attracts loyal fans, but also has a relatively average degree of love. Consumers can also generate purchase ideas. In addition, the design of some new products that can be combined with previous products can also drive consumers' desire to collect and enhance the collection value of the products.
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