New miniature Modarri toy car incorporates 3D printing elements

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

3D printing technology has begun to appear in every corner of our lives, and 3D printed toys are also a very popular field. Recently, toy inventors Silverglate, Gulassa and Trevor created a new miniature Modarri toy car that incorporates 3D printing elements in the toy. The Modarri toy car is a super cool miniature car with a steering and suspension system that is propelled by fingers. Modarri toy car modular design allows car owners to create a new car from different vehicles by using the attached hexagonal tool to change parts, and each has a unique appearance and performance. Small but complete. Each Modarri 3D printed toy car includes a chassis, windshield, seat pan, seat, frame, 4 wheels, front suspension and rear suspension. In addition, users can also perfectly customize and modify Modarri auto parts through 3D printing technology, including models in various colors, and the parts will be compatible with each other, so car owners can build their own hybrid models. This Modarri 3D printed toy car is also very simple to play. Children can find their fingers in the cockpit and perform various obstacles sliding, drifting and driving. Regardless of the surface is very simple, but it can actually exercise the child's control of the car, and Modarri feels very realistic, and you can feel that the various internal parts are playing an important role. The team plans to release some CAD files of Modarri auto parts, so that everyone can create, publish and 3D customize materials and colors to print their own designs.
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