” New figurines & quot; Exhibition in the younger generation figurines home work style each different

by:Ennas      2021-10-04
Core tip: Li Qingyang dusk 2014 red cherry, motor 155 * 80 * 45 cm today, 'new figurines The younger generation figurines home 'opened in Beijing. 'New figurines' is launched by art '' Hi Li Qingyang dusk 2014 red cherry, motor and so on 155 * 80 * 45 cm today,' new figurines The younger generation figurines home 'opened in Beijing. 'New figurines' is launched by art 'Hi', aiming at China's younger generation figurine artist appearance of persistent annual project. The 'new figurines on display in the Hi art center' for more than 30 pieces of 18 artists. The reporter sees in the opening ceremony, although the artists have been called 'the younger generation figurines home', but at the small sculpture style diversity. Zhang fan deer 31 x 105 x 106 cm bronze color 2013 different attitudes towards modelling: classical technique to eliminate the modelling diversity embodies in the artist attitude towards the modelling in the first place. Is wu da wei casting copper shading works 'reflection' presents a head buried in the sofa of ostriches. Another piece in his work 'the forest,' a girl with wings was placed in the stone. These two works with relatively traditional modelling technique for the viewer shows the image of the ostrich, sofa and a girl. Zhang yong's works present a similar modelling technique. His 'Monkey King' shows a monkey in the tree, and the other 'fan deer' is a piece of art showing a deer lying on the sofa. Although these two works somewhat exaggerated, and even some fantastic on mean: 'Monkey King' behind him wearing a cloak of almost reached down to the ground, the tall tree and the sofa of the deer horn also extend to the air. But the artist used by modelling technique is still relatively traditional. Zhang yong also admitted that he is in the 'expressed in classical technique, contemporary feeling'. Wang Lijun blind 40 * 40 * 230 cm camphorwood 2014 and the two artists are different, also have the artists give up relative to the traditional modelling technique. In the works 'blind', Wang Lijun said he deliberately 'weed out a lot of modelling things'. This figurine with camphorwood as material, height more than two meters of the surface of the cylindrical stick full of irregular pyramid. After this wooden figurines roughly the shape, the artist and the 'burned' again, and the surface of the work finally presents like charcoal black. The viewer in the works has been unable to find a specific image, and only after the artist 'eliminate modelling' geometry. Zhang Xiangxi migrant workers dormitory 60 * 45 cm composite material alone version 2010 52 to express the idea of each different, simple and stable, pressure and time, space, at the same time, the work style of diversity is reflected in the artists want to express ideas. Li wei and liu's bosom friend is a pair of husband and wife in the art circle. Two people cooperation of figurines, they say, 'Suzy is a' simple 'expression of the theme of the works. The overall shape of the figurine is just a little girl's head with his eyes closed. They feel that this work 'as the two of us children. 'Create this figurine does not want to draw out the theme of the heavy, just want to bring to the viewer is pure, pure feeling. 'Li said. And female artist gold nd hope the viewer in her work 'silent as nets' see 'a state of adolescent girls vacant, at a loss'. The main body of the work is a naked girl sitting in the bed of the woven wire. Said gold neodymium, the iron bed with mesh representing the logic of 'adults', while an adolescent girl sitting on it indicates she is going to have to accept this logic, the girl feet dangling represents a 'sense of the unknown and insecurity'. And the former two different 闫磊 work the 60 ° to express his ideas to a relatively more widespread social problem. In 60 °, artists of image formation of 60 ° Angle with the ground. He said, this state of slope is actually want to express in the modern age 'sub health'. “( Work) Want to convey in the modern age, stress state in the society. 'He said. In addition, the work of Li Qingyang 'corner' and 'twilight' expressed his understanding of time. In these two pieces of wood as the main body of work, the artist through the wood in the works of sensors and motor drive the floret: when approaching the viewer induction device drives the motor running, wooden flower slowly open or closed, and issued a 'creak' sound. Li Qingyang said, you want to work to give a 'have the feeling of life', but also give the viewer 'show a subtle change' under the surface of calm. While Zhang Xiangxi works related to space. He will see your life in the scene on TV and the reduction in the washing machine. In these works, artists will be emptied of the television, and then to my past experiences living scenes to shrink, reduction in them. He said, 'with the details to restore the real space in the life' is what he wants to express. It is understood that the exhibition will last until September 3rd.
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