Nearly 40 million kass corvino signed merchants welcome

by:Ennas      2021-08-11
Core tip: cass corvino and 20 dealers to hold a signing ceremony, kass corvino & # 183; The second session of the national stone brick core strategic partner summit was held in the company headquarters. On the same day, kass corvino please go to the cass corvino and 20 dealers to hold a signing ceremony, kass corvino & # 183; The second session of the national stone brick core strategic partner summit was held in the company headquarters. On the same day, Mr. Please go to the famous marketing expert Yang Juan, for the dealer parsing successful password. Yang Juan to avant-garde stone brick marketing idea, to the dealer stone brick injected with confidence. Basaltic design the next day, Taipei, Shanghai red phoenix in morning Huang Shuheng architecture architects with unique insights for dealers to gave a lecture on 'conflict and aesthetics', about an hour and a half, not discontinuous cliches and case analysis, will present more than 200 dealers into a feast to the audio-visual and art. Half an hour later, the scene will sign the bill ceremony and the conference to a climax. Within 30 minutes, kass is 23 signing on the dealer, the total contract amount up to nearly 40 million yuan. Cass in after dinner, also awarded five of the year award. Half an hour to sign up nearly 40 million to reward long-term support cass dealers, also in order to attract more strategic partners to join, kass corvino can bring benefits activities play a 'big' this time. 'Contract of 500000 yuan, stone art study trip 1 tickets to Europe; Sign up 1 million yuan, 1. 03 million yuan immediately change, send stone art study trip 2 tickets to Europe; 'When the host says so amazing crazy preferential rules, less than a minute, the scene of the 15 (full of dealers waiting for signing. Within 30 minutes, and 23 from all over the country dealers to successively with Mr. Corvino Lv Shaoyou, general manager to complete the sign the bill. Dealers, from the 23 at least 500000 yuan for the signing, most of the contract is 1 million yuan, 2 million yuan, there are two dealers signed 3 million yuan, becoming the highest contract amount. Before this, kass corvino has been released at the conference will launch the payoffs of the wind, but exactly how, how much can benefit, remains unclear. 'Surprisingly headquarters will make activities so much this time, the visible incentives, quite attractive. 'The audience a dealer told reporters from zhejiang. 'Every year to make such a big preferential activities, one is to thank the old and new distributors for cass support, 2 it is to hope to be able to arouse the initiative of the dealers, to create more performance. 'Kass Zhang Cai corvino planning department director said contract amount is a bit unexpected, originally expected - only 20 million yuan, unexpectedly unexpectedly has nearly doubled, the total contract amount of nearly 40 million yuan. 'The dealer to enjoy the benefits activities, need to pay an advance of 50% in February, march, to pay the full amount. The benefit at the same time, also can faster drained, ensure the orderly healthy operation of the production. Announced 'blockbuster year five awards in public total dealers still marvel at the signing of the morning, exciting year five awards also unveiled that night. Party, kass corvino executives have to obtain the best team of the year '' new man' of the year 'boutique' of the year 'awards, including best growing dealers' dealer award 'award of the year'. Awards, including best award for the champions league, and the runner-up, also will receive 40000 yuan worth of stone art study trip 1 tickets to Europe. Here, have to ask from suzhou mobil household building materials co. , LTD. Xue bao. He sign 3 million dollar sign the bill at the signing ceremony, become one of the distributors of the maximum amount of signing ceremony, and on the night of the awards, and monopoly 'team of the year' 'boutique' of the year 'award of the year' three awards. Interview, xue mei bao admitted that his before becoming kass corvino dealers, not engaged in building materials industry experience, just because like stone, survey and considering several times after, finally chose cass corvino. So, kass brand only founded more than two years, why can attract him? Xue Mabel summary: one is the cass belonging to strong ZongYi stone, product quality trust; Second, the boss is abroad come back, clarity, can give dealers to show a clear outlook; Third, cass corvino to give dealers a special 'honesty' feeling, whether in service, or in terms of information transmission, can let a person feel they are really to dealers interests as the starting point. As cass the first batch of dealers, more than from chongqing is perhaps more voice, he told a reporter, Mr. The entire team of young dynamic, particularly strong executive ability, especially the regional director, always can quickly solve problems of various dealers. The nanan business daily reporter Cai Jingqi article/figure
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