Nearly 20 kinds of traditional Iranian handicrafts will debut winter exposition in xinjiang

by:Ennas      2021-10-10
25, from the 12th xinjiang winter tourism trade fair, according to the organizing committee will have nearly 20 kinds of traditional Iranian handicrafts debut winter expo site. Traditional mina plate, copper, silver painting and utensils, blue stone furnishing articles, handmade silk cloth and extension cloth & hellip; … Iran's traditional arts and crafts, will take you enjoy old & other; Throughout the Persian time &; 。 Persian and one of the most famous handicraft Persian carpets, many people know that they hand copper, tin, silver also has distinguishing feature very much. This winter exposition, each product in Iran has a history of more than one thousand manual, with more than 30 years experience in manual return an elaborate, including the most traditional mina plate, manual sculpture of copper, silver plated and blue stone ornaments, the adornment of the silk cloth, and so on, each one is unique. Mina, mina) , also called the Persian enamel, is very unique and famous arts and crafts, painting by hand drawing, usually made from metal glaze after heating, it is one of the important characteristics of Iran's arts and crafts. As Iran pure manual Termeh copper wire and Sermeh silk cloth, silk cloth skilled craftsmen can only weave a 20 - a day 25 cm, only a few craft workshops also maintained the traditional process, has the very high collection value. It is understood that the 12th xinjiang winter tourism trade fair will be January 12-2018 This year, 14 held in xinjiang international exhibition center, exhibition area of 18470 square meters, a total of 792 standard booths. Last year, the closing of the 11th China xinjiang winter tourism trade fair attendance of 220000 person-time, have from 20 countries, domestic to 19 provinces and cities, the state more than thousands of companies from all over the country compete for the volume up to 39. 600 million yuan.
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