Nearly 120,000 consumers play the Expo interactively

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

On July 25-28, 2013, the 4th Game Expo was successfully unveiled at the Beijing National Convention Center. For the first time this year, it incorporated new models such as safe consumption education and free trials, and continued entertainment, competition, animation, parent-child, etc. as always Elements, while promoting interactive communication between 'children and parents, between different children, and between different familiesDuring the 4-day exhibition, more than 200 well-known toy, animation, and baby products brands from more than 30 countries and regions around the world gathered to make their debut. Thousands of theme activities were staged wonderfully, and nearly 120,000 parents and children attended the scene. , Hundreds of mainstream media rushed to report, setting off a summer fun carnival and the popularization of safe consumption. Hundreds of mainstream media rushed to report strong focus on safe consumption education. The highlights of this fair are numerous and exciting, attracting nearly a hundred well-known media to report, focusing on exposure of toy brands, new products and parent-child experience activities. It is worth mentioning that the media Strong focus on activities such as car simulation crash experience, 'safety commitment brand' new product display, and 'removal of fake and true' safe consumption knowledge prize contest, have adopted a combination of graphics, text, video, audio, etc., to promote and popularize to consumers Safe consumption concept and product purchase knowledge guide consumers to identify and purchase safe and suitable products. State-level news agencies, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, etc. were all present at the scene and posted publicity, and were reprinted by major national media such as Science and Technology Daily and Shanxi Daily; TV media, CCTV 1 set of 'Evening News'Live Beijing, 'Beijing Entertainment NewsIn particular, a set of CCTV's 'Evening News' first feature report, 'Beijing Evening News' once again strongly promoted on the front page of the same day, and Beijing TV news report lasted more than 3 minutes, and China Net also set up a live broadcast room to report the event in a timely manner. , Which has accelerated the visibility and influence of the Play Fair. The concept of interactive experience upgrades consumers’ pursuit and support. As the only experiential fun carnival in China, this year’s play fair advocates parents to truly experience their children’s world, foster equal parent-child relationships through interaction, and promote “play with children with their favorite toys and make the most popular 'Welcome parentsParents whose children have common topics'. The play expo attracted nearly 120,000 parents to interact with children on-site, promoted the maintenance and cultivation of parent-child relationship, made the role of toys 'entertainment and fun' fully playable, and helped parents discover their children's strengths and potentials in time. In the live Lego, you said I took the perfect copy match, the silver shooting elf, the Hape family mobilization in 60 seconds without NG, the Muwan Family Nut Challenge, the Guanghua Building Block Parent-child Family Instant Challenge, the Magic Corn Creative Competition and other exciting activities are constantly being staged. Attract children and parents to join the family. Exhibitor satisfaction hits a new high. Next year's booth reservations are popular. This year's Play Expo will continue to gather Barbie, Lego, Domei, Yiren, Yinhui, Longchang, Xinghui, Yingde, Muwanshijia, Kolaisai, Guanghua, and Bang. In addition to well-known toy companies and brands at home and abroad, such as Bao, Xuandong, etc., it also attracted brands such as Blue Box, Think Tank, Huile, Danni, Ou Zhibao, Jundalong and other brands to make their debut. It is understood that the satisfaction of exhibitors at this fair has reached a new high, and companies have determined their booths on the spot for next year. The Play Expo is positioned as an interactive experience, integrating 'brand display, event experience, new product trial play' and other functions into one. After four years of development and accumulation, it has gradually been recognized by the majority of toy companies and has been vigorously practiced in its own promotion activities. , So as to get in touch with children and parents of different ages, genders, and family backgrounds, and have a deeper understanding of the needs of the terminal consumer market, so as to more accurately improve product design and technology, optimize channel investment and adjust brand promotion strategies.
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