National treasure in shanxi and the land is a national treasure, and refers to the ancient buildings, small statues and murals. _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-08
Core tip: when we drove through north and south shanxi, the strongest impression is: shanxi and the land is a national treasure. National treasure is referring to the ancient buildings, small sculptures and murals. Shanxi ancient buildings in the whole country is the most, regardless of the number and when we drove through north and south shanxi, the strongest impression is: shanxi and the land is a national treasure. National treasure is referring to the ancient buildings, small sculptures and murals. Shanxi ancient buildings in the whole country is the most, regardless of the quantity and quality. Before the song dynasty's ancient buildings remain 70% in shanxi. Wutai mountain Buddha temple is the original building in tang dynasty, liang sicheng called 'the first national treasure'. Also attached part of the ancient architecture in shanxi - Small sculptures and murals, compared with the western famous small sculptures and murals, also no less. Another outstanding characteristic is in shanxi coal. Large coal reserves and quality. A quarter of the country's coal from shanxi. , forming the tourist attractions; On the other hand, the coal industry is caused and tourism is not suitable for the environment. In stark contrast to the brilliant ancient civilization is the overall environment of modern shanxi. 'QingLinLin blue sky days' have been changed, all the rivers have been polluted, Shanxi Province on the road is full of long queues of coal trucks, breeze blow away in the wind. In huo zhou, we came to the well-known guangsheng temple, it was found that more than ten boxes of rare orphan of the gold version of the scriptures, there are exquisite sculptures and murals of yuan dynasty, there are regarded as China's 'glass first tower' colorful glass flying tower. However, in such a rare and extremely research and ornamental value of guangsheng temple next to live right next to each other is a large coking plant, the towering great smoky meat and exquisite beautiful tower of the flying along. Photographer GuanHaiTong tried to put the flying tower and big chimney in the same picture, it mean is: the splendid ancient civilization and rough industrial civilization stack together. Shanxi the embarrassment of not only that. Ancient shanxi stars brilliant, talented people, only one wenxi county home is out of the 59 prime minister, and the contemporary, shanxi famous figures in the annals. In nearly two thousand members in the country, a handful of shanxi people. Shanxi embarrassed is: even though at the expense of the environment in shanxi coal coking, but the per capita net income of 1999 mountain in the last place in the country. Now why lost in shanxi old style? One important reason is the 'double closed' if you stand in front of a topographic map, you will find that in shanxi natural barrier line are essentially coincident with the shanxi provincial boundary, the west and south is bounded by the Yellow River in shaanxi and henan, east to thousands of taihang mountain is bounded away from hebei and henan, north mount heng, wutai mountain, south zhongtiao mountains, shanxi provincial boundary is sunvo row is, so to speak. National boundaries by a large rivers, mountain ridges, is the best policy, because national emphasis is sealed and separated, and provincial boundary if like Yellow River and the river mountains to demarcation, certainly will cause double closed, to strengthen the province introversion. In ancient times, however, the shanxi provincial boundary is not the case. Study the map of Chinese history, you will find that in ancient times often divided combination of Shanxi Province, such as han, three kingdoms, western jin dynasty, the part of Shanxi Province territory directly affiliated to the capital; Northern song dynasty, shanxi yuncheng area as the house in the river, across the Yellow River and shaanxi yongxing the jurisdiction of the military road, most of the yuan dynasty is directly under the central in Shanxi Province, shanxi in the history of an international, northern shanxi is a frontier province (NWFP). Is bounded by the Yellow River on the west of Shanxi Province and shaanxi is separated, the Yellow River in the provincial boundary between jin shan, is not only the river, but also famous jinshaan gorge; ; Shanxi Province east of the taihang mountains as world, separated from hebei and henan, taihang mountain is not general hill, but is known as the valley. Diagram shows evidence of taihang grand canyon follwed ridge. I have been to henan linzhou and huixian, the coast is in this area to the grand canyon to divide the boundary of. Henan's side have a guoliang village, a village in order to go out, don on hard cliff carved a path. I have walked through a section of the tunnel on the cliff, the tunnel communication in shanxi and henan, later because the danger was abandoned. We in order to examine and photography, chose this way. Walk, there was the sound of the car from the tunnel, open to come over to ask, is in Shanxi Province there. Go on the tunnel, I think if people want to through the taihang mountains in shanxi in henan, hebei is really difficult. Liang sicheng and Lin huiyin for many times to shanxi ancient buildings. In the past, people thought it is difficult to find the ancient tang dynasty in China. Liang sicheng and Lin huiyin is found in the tang dynasty in shanxi ancient buildings. A liang sicheng and Lin huiyin in wutai mountain in shanxi Buddha temple, they just think it's a very old temple at the time, but to what extent, old building is in which dynasty, they did not know. Amazing is far-sighted Lin huiyin see hall of a cap on the vague handwriting, they seek to migrant workers, set up the ladder, wipe gently with wet cloth. People in public fuss, Lin huiyin has been recognized that in a few words, 'the eleventh year of Tang Dazhong' lettering, the words have been exactly tell people, this is a tang dynasty architecture. At this point, found in the tang dynasty in shanxi architecture. Micro because this image of eng in Buddha temple hall of sculptures in the tang dynasty deeply attract, her thoughts back to the tang dynasty, perhaps. This may explain why the ancient shanxi mahoganypanelled splendour, in addition to economic development, some belong to Kyoto, there is a more important because of: the past shanxi is not closed, its administrative districts tend to break through a natural barrier. Isn't this a very enlightening significance?
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