National Art Museum of China 'Equal Things and Other Views-2014 International Triennial of New Media Art'

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

A 170-year-old sofa stands up diagonally with only one leg; it looks like an ordinary office, but the books, computers, phones, chairs and other items inside are trembling slightly, as if breathing; it looks like an ordinary office. The robot of the shipping box will quietly follow your footsteps after you turn around. If you look back at it, it will immediately stop tracking... From today, viewers can go to the National Art Museum of China's 'Equal Objects View-2014 International At the “New Media Art Triennial”, enjoy these amazing and fun works of art. The exhibition brought together 58 new media art works from 22 countries around the world. In the Progress Hall, the collision of art and technology is almost everywhere. In the installation 'Rising' by artist Erwin Riddle, 30 vertically suspended glass tubes containing suspended ping-pong balls form a small dance orchestra. The 30 ping-pong balls alternate ups and downs, or move in a unified manner. What's more amazing is that the device will make a soft drum sound from time to time. It turns out that there is a small fan at the bottom of each glass tube to push the ping pong ball with different strength, and a small sound generator is installed at the bottom. Every time the ping pong ball reaches the bottom, a sound will be triggered. The work is not only presented with the help of high technology, but also allows the audience to directly participate in the creation of the work. The network interactive video works of 'A World Under Construction' have become the 'big toy' that some viewers are enthusiastic about. This work intuitively shows a planet full of small pictures through images, but after zooming in with the mouse and clicking it, you will find that the original pictures are all private photos uploaded by viewers around the world. At yesterday's preview site, viewers continued to scan the QR code curiously and let their photos 'board on this virtual planet.' 'Humanity's understanding of'things' has been continuously expanding and deepening. In the era of new media, we can allow the audience to see the richer existence of'things', and also enable the public to better understand the miraculous combination of technology and art. Beauty.' said Fan Di'an, director of the National Art Museum of China. The exhibition will last until July 7.
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