Nanjing international art exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-08-08
Core tip: nanjing international art exhibition opening scene 'hail to the master - — World art exhibition 'roughly visitors many trend towards the development of Chinese contemporary art and BBS review and outlook: modern nanjing international art exhibition opening scene' hail to the master - — World art generally many visitors towards the development of Chinese contemporary art exhibition 'retrospect and prospect and trend BBS: review and thinking over the center of modern art BBS by QiaoShang association of China, nanjing broad cultural investment co. , LTD. , nanjing liyuan group, nanjing wealth investment group co. , LTD. , to undertake the first international art exhibition on October 14, 2014 successfully. Nanjing international art exhibition attracted to count more than twenty six days traffic social people from all walks of life to visit, caused the whole situation in nanjing, nanjing international art exhibition, it will be called is unprecedented, pomp, hundreds of global media gathered in nanjing, nanjing international art exhibition art connoisseurs 鬄 feast. Opening ceremony the guests gathered up the scene crowded on October 8, 2014 nanjing international art opened bright night guests gathered, presided over by phoenix TV host led team is costly, hundreds of artists, critics and the media to make the art of the nation's attention to nanjing, one hundred and thirty-two award-winning artists all came and spoke highly of nanjing international art exhibition to shocks the influential art exhibitions worldwide has enough clout. As the end of the opening ceremony, and thousands of people coming together to nanjing international exhibition center exhibition hall, made an art exhibition, exposition the size of the real number. In nearly twenty thousand square meters exhibition hall, art from all over the world thousands of pieces of awaiting you. In artist invited exhibition, viewers are feeling the charm of art, stop to enjoy and let the restless heart calm down. Collection gallery is to let the social people from all walks of life see enough, a gray-haired old man, a lovestruck couple, also have a babble of the child. Until the radio announced the closing time to, there are still hundreds of people linger, the benefit of the influence of the art. Nanjing among academic BBS study distinguished from October 9 solstice 2014 on October 11, the three-day academic BBS, in 'the trend and direction of development of Chinese contemporary art', 'the art market and investment' and 'retrospect and prospect: the modern Chinese and western art review' as the theme, gather the world within the scope of the critic and theorist, collectors, art market experts and so on more than 20, including skin firm, 39:1098, wang arrow, Wang Duan katyn, chiba ChengFu, Anna's staples, anders Anderson, jianping mei, Jason zhixin sun, Eugene wang, Jiang Wen reed, Xie Boke, TaoGe, QiDaWei scholars respectively from the perspective of academic, market, differences between Chinese and western art, in-depth in the context of globalization, the Chinese art of their own problems and specific solutions, aiming at specific problems surrounding the definition of contemporary art, critics, curators and other practical problems discussion, keep close to the truth of nature. In Chinese art market has become the world's second-largest art market, under the objective facts of analysts, according to the detailed data analysis and chart from possibility and risk and return on investment, policies and regulations such as the most core question, it is concluded that the present perfect timing conclusion art investment market field. This conclusion will no doubt to the Chinese art market, investment into a shot in the arm, there will be more and more people will focus to come over, to the subtle influence of the whole structure of the ecology of art. BBS has not only study the present problems of three days, will also be advanced foreign literary theory to do a review, the present academic achievements, not only promoting the comprehensive influence of the nanjing international exhibition of fine arts, but also a direct collision between Chinese and western art, will be in the academia, market, education radiate more lasting concern and discussion, to promote Chinese art to the status of itself extremely helpful. Master detonated public exhibition show enthusiasm as an important part of the nanjing international art exhibition, 'master of art exhibition of the world' the works of western modernism masters complete rendering, including Picasso's cubist representative, impressionist renoir and Cezanne, pissarro, master of fauvism Matisse, original works exhibition. In national art museum of jiangsu province in the six days, the daily traffic reached a staggering twenty thousand, if not double cease day, also have a large number of people waiting in line from all over the country, the first glimpse of the master. For a limited time, the charm of the western modern art spread as widely as possible, enhance the level of aesthetic and played an exemplary role. In view of the enthusiasm of the public exhibition, the organizing committee even extend the half-day extension to satisfy public curiosity, as before it closes, there is still a large number of long dragon team enters into the exhibition hall. Don't charge free tickets to visit way made the model in the industry, common cultural treasures of human civilization should let more people to enjoy. It seems that the influence of the nanjing international art exhibition and try to have completely beyond the meaning of it as a fine arts exhibition. In the bigger social level, fully mobilize resources from all walks of life, social news effect which is not only an art exhibition effect, can be to display the art of social to the maximum. Inside the art, including the construction of the academic, an extension of the art market system of propulsion, exhibition, art, ecology of three-dimensional construction, nanjing international art exhibition has through its effective practice has made a very good answer.
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