my country's first safe consumption guide for toys and baby products released

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

my country’s first safe consumption guide for toys and baby products is released. Children are cut on the skin, sharp corners on the eyes, small parts fall off and suffocation caused by accidental ingestion, and the folding device on the stroller fails to pinch the child. Excessive levels of formaldehyde in clothes can cause skin allergies, and the use of child safety seats for cars can cause serious traffic injuries... Due to the uneven quality of toys and baby products on the market, consumers’ safe consumption concepts and awareness of rights protection are weak, and product purchases The use of safety hazards emerge in endlessly, causing harm or even death to children. In March 2013, under the guidance of relevant national ministries and commissions, the China Toys and Baby Products Association officially launched the 'Brand Self-Discipline China Tour' activity for the toy and baby products industry, and issued a safe consumption guide for the first time in the same period to promote and popularize safe consumption to consumers Concept and product purchase knowledge, guide and help consumers to buy safe and suitable products. It is reported that this consumer guide is the first in my country to be compiled in accordance with national and industry-related standards. It is divided into three categories: 'Toy Safe Consumption GuideThe guide language is popular and the content is simple. The product categories cover toys, child safety seats for cars, strollers, baby walkers, cribs, children's high chairs, feeding bottles, pacifiers, and infant inner clothing. It is simple in the form of Qu0026A. It clearly explained to readers how to identify qualified and safe products, how to choose suitable products according to different ages of children, how to use and maintain products correctly, and the matters that should be paid attention to during operation. In addition, the guidelines also make a statement about the various hazards that unqualified or incorrect use of products may cause to children. At present, the guide is being widely promoted through the Internet and magazines in the form of electronic and printed versions, and the self-discipline promises that the brand will also be promoted in its listed products and sales activities, and the association will also conduct it on the scene of major events such as play fairs. Free distribution. The association launched the 'Brand Self-Discipline China Tour' activity to unite with domestic and foreign key enterprises to take 'caring for children's growth and safety from me' as its own responsibility, and solemnly promise not to produce or sell products that do not meet the relevant national laws, regulations and technical standards, and consciously accept The government, associations and all sectors of the society supervise together to create a high-quality and safe consumer environment. At the same time, the association also set up a dedicated service mailbox to receive consumer consultation and opinions.
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