Multifunctional toy stick that contributes to society

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

This work called 'Pongpong' can be called a multifunctional toy stick, and it is a conceptual design of Liu Xiangyu. The initial motivation for the design was his thinking. He hopes that everyone, including children, should contribute to this society. How can children voluntarily and happily contribute to the world? When the designer was a child, he would often fight with the children holding sticks. Based on the scene memories, he designed this multifunctional toy stick. The use form of pongpong is a number of inflatable sticks, which are inserted on each unified base, like a small tree, placed in public venues. Children can take out to fight at will. The pongpong sticks will pass during the fight. The beating against each other generates electricity. When the children are tired from playing, they plug the pongpong stick back into the base, and the electricity will glow at night and become a public street light in the public area. In this way, every child can make some contributions to this society, knowing subtly that dedication is a part of people's lives.
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