Multi-channel marketing of home textiles must know how to grasp the timing

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

The Internet age has brought about great changes in the concepts and methods of consumers. After purchasing a certain product, many consumers often share and interact with friends electronically, such as through WeChat, QQ, Weibo, etc.   Therefore, many consumers can learn about products through their social circles, instead of just believing in the words from the merchants, which strengthens the consumer subjectivity of consumers. In other words, the retailer has lost the ability to dominate customer thinking.   For this reason, the home textile industry will inevitably change as consumers' behavior changes, learn to adapt to and respond to changes in the market, and then take effective ways to find a development path that can meet consumer needs and meet consumer psychology.   On the one hand, in order to cater to the advent of the Internet information age, many domestic textile brands have begun to develop online sales channels. However, although home textile products have taken a place in the online shopping market, good brands still account for a minority, and the industry has not truly achieved the ideal goal of multi-channel retail. Real-time visibility of multi-channel inventory, reliability of logistics services, and convenience for product returns The coordination of cross-channel sales promotion will be an important guarantee for the network of the home textile market.    On the other hand, as the layout of the domestic first-tier home textile market becomes more and more perfect, it has become necessary for home textile brands to move to the second and third-tier cities. In recent years, domestic The development of second- and third-tier cities is very rapid, and the current spending power of urban and rural residents cannot be underestimated. Therefore, for home textile brands, it is important to seize development opportunities in the future to seize a favorable position in the small and medium-sized cities as quickly as possible. Ring!    Therefore, the home textile industry can only seize business opportunities and win brilliance in the future competition if it is sensitive to changes in the market.
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