Movies heat up the Transformers toy market, with prices doubling up

by:Ennas      2021-12-07

The blockbuster film Transformers 4 in the summer of 2014 was officially released today. This highly anticipated sci-fi masterpiece may set off a new whirlwind in the box office market in 2014, and some even predict that the film will break the 'Avatar' 'The domestic box office record set when it was released in China in 2010. Prior to the movie market, the toy market has already reacted to the release of 'Transformers 4Movies heat up the Transformers toy market. Since the first 'Transformers' movie was released in 2007, both the world and China have set off a wave of Transformers, but as early as the 1980s, there was a wave of deformation in China. The craze of King Kong is brought about by the release of the classic 'Transformers' series of cartoons. Since then, China has had a group of die-hard fans obsessed with Transformers. One of their hobbies is collecting Transformers toys. However, before 2007, they were still a relatively peaceful small circle, and after that, with the influx of new Transformers fans, the Transformers toy market gradually became popular. 'For the G1 series of Transformers toys, the highest price currently on the market, the average price before 2007 was 7000~8000 yuan, but now it has risen to about 30,000 yuan.' A senior Transformers toy enthusiast in Changchun City Xiaogang (pseudonym) told reporters, 'The reason for the huge price increase of toys is the release of the 'Transformers' movie. Many people of our age who have watched the 'Transformers' movie are re-evoked from childhood memories. In this collection market, there are more young and new fans joining. Generally speaking, there are more people who like Transformers toys and collect Transformers toys, and the price will rise.' Another Changchun City Li Haiyang, a fan of Transformers toys, also believes that the release of the movie 'Transformers' in 2007 is the reason why this market has become increasingly hot in the following years. According to him, the current market price of the new G1 series Optimus Prime has been as high as 100,000 yuan. The price of Transformers toys has doubled. Traditional collectibles generally refer to antiques, art, wine, jewelry, etc. However, with the changes in society, some industrial products have become collectors’ items in the eyes of enthusiasts, such as those popular with young people. Sneakers, jeans, and toys. Transformers toys have gradually become such a collector's item in the eyes of enthusiasts, and once it becomes a collector's item, its price will naturally rise over time. According to Li Haiyang’s introduction to reporters, in the case of the more popular masters in the enthusiast circle, the price of 'Optimus Prime' produced in 2004 was around 300 yuan, and today it has risen to 1,500 yuan 10 years later. , An increase of 4 times. Another example is the 'Shocking Thunder' produced in 2007. The initial price was about 600 yuan. The current price of second-hand on the market is about 2500 yuan, which has more than tripled. Take the original Transformers toy G1 as an example. At present, it is estimated that it will cost hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a complete set on the second-hand market, which is almost the same as the price of a commercial house in Changchun. Hundreds of senior players in the Changchun market have learned from interviews that there are a large number of Transformers toy fans in China and even the world. Every year these fans also hold related activities, and Changchun City's senior Transformers fans The number is not small, about 200 people. A long-term collector of Transformers toys in Changchun, Xiao Lei (screen name), introduced to reporters that their enthusiasts generally spent more than 100,000 yuan on buying Transformers toys, and even hundreds of thousands. The number of toys is at least more than a hundred pieces, and some even have to set aside a room for these toys. And the main age group of these fans is a group of people born from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Their childhood happened to be the period when 'Transformers' cartoons were popular in China. It can be said that Transformers were among them. Left a deep impression in his mind, which is why they are now fans of Transformers toys. Reminder There is a lot of knowledge in collecting Transformers toys. Although the value of Transformers toys is rapid, it is a fond memory of many people in their childhood, but it takes a lot of knowledge to first enter the industry. Xiao Lei told reporters that because the price of Transformers toys has risen a lot in recent years, like other collectibles, some people have made crooked ideas and produce knockoffs, which are also called KO versions in the circle. 'Basically, as long as you buy from regular channels, you won't buy the KO version. In addition, you can avoid it if you learn more about the old players and learn more on the forum.' Xiaolei said, 'In fact, the KO version is more for sale. I have gone abroad. There are more purchases in the European and American markets, and there is no need to worry too much in China.' For those who collect Transformers toys for the purpose of appreciation rather than hobbies, Xiao Lei said that there are many doorways, because Not every Transformer toy has the same appreciation rate, in fact there are high and low values. And whether it can be popular in the second-hand market in the future, an important factor is the design of the toy. 'The deformation is more complicated and the playability is relatively high, so it will naturally be welcomed by our players, the collection value will be greater, and it will be easier to sell in the second-hand market in the future.' Xiaolei said, 'and which toys meet the players' above It requires certain experience to judge.” Li Haiyang also said that different series of Transformers toys are indeed not the same in popularity. For example, the latest 'Transformers 4' toys are actually not well received in the circle, because Its design playability is poor.
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