Move the sea home! Ocean blue home furnishing items are just as popular

by:Ennas      2022-02-11

In the hot summer, I can’t wait to soak in the water every day to cool down. Unfortunately, we are not fish, how can we play in the water all the time. Want to go out to the island beach to play in the water and cool off, but office workers can’t just leave as they please! Just move the sea to home! This is not a mess. The designers of major home furnishing brands have fallen in love with Ocean Blue this spring and summer. There are many beautiful items you can choose from. Highlights of 2015 spring and summer home design: Ocean blue is the color of the ocean. Remember the intoxicating blue of the Mediterranean in Greece? The Mediterranean style has always been a popular element of home design, and this year it has become a trend, occupying the new product display area of u200bu200bvarious home furnishing brands. After all, in the hot summer, being surrounded by ocean blue can always give people a wonderful feeling of being on the beach. It is not only a visual enjoyment, but the air you breathe seems to have a sense of freedom of the salty sea. Play with ocean blue: how to match colors with blue + white. Blue and white seem to be an inseparable whole by nature, just as the vast sea level will eventually merge with the sky. In the Mediterranean home style, blue and white are the main colors. Although in the ocean blue style, blue sits firmly in the main position, but the little friend of white still can't neglect it! The combination of blue and white can give people a more visual sense of freshness than blue alone. Founded only 5 years ago, the British home furnishing brand Urbanara, which has unstoppably led the European home furnishing trend, is very skilled in the use of this color. Its beauty trend expert Laura Lutz said, blue and white with delicate patterns The design is full of harmony and calmness, as comfortable as breathing the sea breeze. Peace and happiness are exactly what it wants to convey. 'Blue + regular geometric figures do not know when they started, rules and even dense geometric figures began to sweep all kinds of designs in our lives, from clothes to homes to buildings... Although dense phobias don't like them very much, this But it does not affect them in the favor of many people. In the freshness of the ocean breeze, regular geometric figures are used as the combination of its decorative elements, which reveal a little post-modern taste in the freshness. Carpets with regular geometric figures and The table linen is a very eye-catching design match.
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