More than 60% of colored clay toys are unqualified, causing damage to human organs

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

When consumers buy such products, they should first 'lookNear products. The second is 'smell'. If you can, open the package and smell the pungent odor when you buy it. If there is a heavier pungent odor, you should try to avoid buying it.   Parents should also strengthen nursing care. Children should wash their hands in time after using colored clay, especially before eating, to prevent the harmful substances remaining on the hands from being ingested into the body.   can squeeze out a variety of shapes at will, and can also be used with molds to make various creative objects... After the new semester begins, the colorful clay toys on the market have begun to be popular with children. However, a few days ago, the 2015 Color Mud Product Risk Monitoring Quality Analysis Report issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau showed that 62 batches of the 100 batches of samples monitored were unqualified. The main problem is that the migratable elements and preservatives exceed the standard. Experts remind that excessive amounts of migratable elements can damage human organs, and long-term exposure to plasticine containing excessive preservatives can cause allergies.   A reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily visited a number of supermarkets and stationery stores in Chengdu yesterday and found that there were frequently no products in the stationery stores, which made parents worried. Report: More than 60% of colored clay toys are unqualified for the new semester. Ms. Zhang bought a set of colored clay for children in kindergarten. After two hours of playing, the child's palms became red, small bumps, and itchy. After the hospital check, she found out that she was allergic, which made Ms. Zhang vigilant about the colored clay.   It is understood that there are two types of color clay widely used in the market: one is traditional color clay, which is mainly made of flour, antiseptic powder, pigment, etc.; the other is modeling clay, which is mainly made of polymer materials.   A few days ago, the 2015 Color Clay Product Risk Monitoring Quality Report released by the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau showed that 62% of the 100 batches of plasticine purchased in physical stores and e-commerce platforms exceeded the relevant limit requirements. Among them, the migrable elements in 31% of the samples exceeded the relevant EU standards, and the preservatives in 51% of the samples exceeded the relevant EU standards.   Hazard: Cause damage to human organs     The above-mentioned risk monitoring quality report shows that 27% of the samples contained boron, the migratable element exceeding the standard, with the maximum detection amount of 7347 mg/kg, which exceeded the limit by more than 6 times. It is reported that excessive boron can cause chronic poisoning, liver and kidney damage, brain and lung edema.  4% of the samples contained excessive copper, which is a migrating element. Excessive copper can easily cause metabolic disorders in the human body, leading to symptoms such as liver cirrhosis and liver ascites.  51% of the preservatives in the samples exceeded the relevant EU standards. Many preservatives are considered to be allergenic. If added in excessive amounts, long-term exposure or accidental ingestion of young children can easily cause potential health hazards.  Visit: There is no pungent product smell in the market.    Yesterday, the reporter visited many primary schools and kindergartens in Chengdu, supermarkets and stationery stores. The reporter found that brightly colored clay occupies a very conspicuous position in supermarkets and stationery stores. Many supermarket sales staff and stationery shop owners told reporters that these colored clays sell well among students, have good plasticity, and are not expensive.   Carrefour Yangxi Store, the reporter saw that the price of the colored clay on sale ranges from 8 to 20 yuan, and there is clear product and manufacturer information on the outer packaging, including the ingredients and precautions of the colored clay.   However, in a stationery store near the Yangxi Interchange in the Third Ring Road, colored clay products were placed in the most conspicuous place at the door. The reporter saw that the prices of these colored clay products on sale ranged from 2 to 15 yuan. Among them, the 2 yuan a box of colored clay is rather rough. There is no product description on the box, and a strong pungent odor can be smelled across the packaging.  Problem: The domestic color mud related standards are missing.    The above-mentioned risk monitoring quality report also found that 11 batches of 100 batches of samples were not marked with standards. It is understood that the formulation and revision of relevant toy safety standards cannot keep up with the needs of product upgrading, making new products without standards to follow, causing certain hidden safety hazards in the products themselves.   GB6675-2003 'National Toy Safety Technical Code' has not been changed for more than 10 years, especially in terms of the safety of chemical composition of toys, it has been far behind the toy safety standards issued by developed countries such as Europe and the United States in recent years.
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