More than 350 excellent collection of Shanghai museum & quot; Dali exhibition & quot;

by:Ennas      2020-06-17
Core tip: to commemorate 20 years after the death of western classical art master of Dali, 'Dali exhibition' August 1 debut in Shanghai art gallery, has received audience 1 5 days. 20000. This is Shanghai fine arts this year to commemorate 20 years after the death of western classical art master of Dali, Dali exhibition 'in Shanghai art museum, on August 1, has received audience 1 5 days. 20000. This is Shanghai museum has the largest number of art audience this year. It is reported, many viewers are specially from zhejiang and jiangsu. This exhibition is the most complete Dali exhibition, so far the domestic species including the creation of the sketch, watercolor painting, and small statue art more than 350 ( Including some authorized copies) 。 Part of the exhibits will be sold during the period of Shanghai art expo 2009, the highest price of 8 million euros. S good comments on today, how do we appreciate the Dali art institute of Shanghai university professor recently, li chao, 'Dali exhibition' in Shanghai art museum, although some replica is authorized, but still make us feel the western art master's extraordinary creativity. Not all classic can be such a repeated aftertaste, and Dali's art was magically, influences the culture and fashion in our life today. Because Dali, people naturally think of the surrealist art. Surrealist art not Dudley hit, but because of his surrealist art and profound. Surrealist painting and figurines occurred mainly between the first and second world wars. Early in 1927, Dali in Paris, when he's in Madrid, Spain art school has been paying close attention to the painting of modern art in Paris, to test for stippling and cubist painting method. In the 1930 s, he gradually to a climax in surrealism, explore different from early alzheimer's, ernst, and at the same time the tendency of magritte, miro, were trying to Freud type image is formed in the unconscious, using the method of paranoid critical state on themselves induced a corresponding illusion world. He works of painting and design feels very intense, carefully designed and created a series of dreams and illusions, each local gives an illusion of intuition: a shadow and perspective, also have qualitative feeling, and through many grotesque image, in violation of the rules of table to create such as soft, drawer, crutches, ants, such as visual symbol, expresses his ideas of dreams, desires and mythology, such as the figurine works displayed the outline of 'time', 'eternal memories', such as image, full of worry, bizarre, mysterious and emotions; At the same time there is a endless passion and imagination, blurs the boundaries between art and life, through the cultural sharing channels. Dali constantly with bold and chic way of publicity, make it become a surrealist art and appearance of classical art and fashion symbol. Or have a picture in the exhibition of the world's largest Dali paintings, namely 'possessed' 5 meters across. It is Dali in 1945 as a renowned master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock director of Hollywood film 'Edward doctor' intentionally, almost no exhibited in the past 50 years. Picture is the eye of the countless panic, the audience face painting, there is quite a small eye stare big eye fabulous, shows the Dali unique ideas. Dali's works to China very early, too. Especially in Shanghai, 30 s of the last century have been able to enjoy the wind of modernism in Paris, but the most avant-garde cubism and expressionism. When Shanghai friend magazine has published Dali surrealist works, but is introduced as a maverick western fashion, it is in the 1930 s a meteor flash of Dali art in China. Is away half a century after the gap. After the reform and opening-up policy, China art reproduction, surrealism Dali name also gradually known to Chinese people. The exhibition features more let he got the vivid and deduce.
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