Moose launches new products, which will be one of the top 12 best-selling toys for Christmas

by:Ennas      2022-01-23
Moose Toys has maintained a leading position in innovation and design curves this season. The company has launched three new products in the field of youth electronics and fashion dolls. Balloon dog Squeakee, Flamingo Gotta Go Flamingo and fashion doll series FailFix are all big harvests for the global toy manufacturer this Christmas. Every festival, we are doing our best to make the children super happy. A funny, interactive balloon dog came alive, a firebird that shit sang iconic songs, and dirty dolls came, let the children turn them over, all of this It's all nondescript, unexpected, and most importantly, it's a kind of irreverent pleasure, said Paul Solomon, a partner at Moose Toys. Squeakee, Gotta Go Flamingo and FailFix demonstrate Moose's ability to stay ahead of the innovation and design curve, and provide the vacation that kids want. Squeakee has been widely promoted as the toy of the year. It is an interactive pet, part robot dog and part balloon dog. Squeakee has more than 60 sounds and movements, barking, walking, sitting and sliding like a real dog. In addition, Squeakee has multiple touch sensors that allow you to pop and re-inflate it with a pin, or make it happy in response to stroking the abdomen. Squeakee listens and responds to voice commands. This skill comes in handy when it accidentally urinates on the floor through a yellow light. In addition to Squeakee, Mooose toys are seeking to lead the youth electronic product channel and the first Gotta Go Flamingo. Shebert is an interactive, toilet-trained flamingo. He sings, dances, chats, eats and defecates in a special toilet. Just feed Shebert his magical flamingo food and watch him swallow his neck twisting. You know when Shebert should go, because he will sing an autograph: Oh, it's time to go! Clang, then defecate in the bowl. The characteristic movement, voice and response of a flamingo must be taken and played repeatedly, so you can do it once he has done it. Gotta Go Flamingo has been named one of the top 12 toys before Christmas in 2020 by the major British retailer Argos. Due to strong demand, global production has reached full capacity. In the end, Moose Toys found an interesting cross-dressing with its new fashion doll, and the malfunction was repaired. 'FailFix' is inspired by 'beauty failTransformation allows children to take over the makeover, explore the true head-to-toe transformation, and turn them into fashion saviors. Unlike most dolls, the FailFix doll wears a bathrobe, has a disheveled hair, and wears makeup. The transformation starts with a robe that reveals the doll's debut costume, and then uses a magical spa mask to uncover the perfectly polished makeup. Finally, by removing the ornaments stuck on the doll's hair, using the tools included, weave it into delicate braids or other buns to complete the styling.
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