moondog early education geometric shape matching four sets of pillars children's building blocks beetle fun sets of pillars

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
What type of toy market is more popular? It can be said that educational toys bear the brunt. Parents now pay more attention to early education, hoping that what they give their children can promote all aspects of intellectual development. This is especially true in the choice of toys! Educational toys can not only develop brain power, but also achieve hand-eye coordination, so that children can understand better, have stronger hands-on ability, and of course can cultivate parent-child relationships. Moondog’s early education geometric shape is matched with four sets of column children’s building blocks, carefully selected green and non-toxic solid wood materials, uniform and stable structure, moderate density, resistance to fall and play, and not easy to crack or deform. Grab a grasp, set a set, the more you play with the little hands, the more flexible you can exercise your baby's hand-eye coordination between grasping, and the hands become more and more flexible. Thinking exercise, cyclical and gradual, there are small branches of different minds on the 4 small pillars, which guide the baby from simple to difficult. The development of thinking logic is not accomplished overnight. Be patient. This kind of educational toy can play with the child for a while before going to bed at night, can shorten the distance with the child, and communicate more smoothly.
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