Moff: A smart bracelet that emits sounds that match actions

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

Children are always impatient. After playing with a toy for a long time, they may no longer have the interest to continue. A company in Japan has developed a smart bracelet for children, which can turn everything into a 'toy' that can make sounds, so that children no longer feel monotonous. Although it has the appearance of a smart watch, the functions implemented by Moff are different: when Moff is worn on the wrist and connected to the mobile phone APP, Moff will sense the movement of the wrist and transmit the data to the APP, and the APP will analyze the data And give corresponding instructions, Moff will make sounds that match the action, such as picking up a pen and swinging it, Moff may make the sound of a magic wand; or playing a ball, Moff can make sounds of badminton, tennis, etc. Moff can provide a variety of simulated sounds for actions, such as guitars, tennis balls, toy knives, toy guns, pianos, golf, airplanes, etc. If you think these are not enough, you can download more sounds from the Internet. Moff is equipped with an accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope, which can sense children's movements with good accuracy. It is connected to the smart terminal via Bluetooth, but currently only supports iOS, and the Android version is under development. Moff uses a replaceable button battery, and one battery can last about 30 hours. Moff's wristband is made of soft silicon, which is very safe for children. It is reported that Moff will enter the mass production stage, and has already completed the crowdfunding goal on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. If you are interested in this product, you can pay 49 dollars to book it, and it is expected to ship in July this year.
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