Modern environmental stone carvings and the social public

by:Ennas      2020-05-30
Core tip: modern environment QuYang exists between the stone and the general public. Prominently manifested the following several aspects: 1. The commonality of modern environmental stone of modern environmental stone QuYang modern environment by stone and exist among the general public. Prominently manifested the following several aspects: 1. Modern environmental stone carvings of the public space environment of modern environmental stone is a public place to live. It has the prominent public characteristics, the public has two meanings: a layer is a matter of practical functions in public places; Another layer is implied in the public space of cultural essence, with functions of the non-functional cultural representations. It is this cultural representation function not practical, not publicity material to prove that this space is 0, that is the public can 'share', can be 'owned'. Environment, therefore, the publicness of stone implement is the precondition of its value. First of all, environment stone is not a few set, is for the general public. From stone carving, distance, the size of the material to the modelling style, etc. Must meet the needs of the public. Secondly. Environment stone as a work of art also represents the social style and features of their time, this kind of style is positive progress. Third, stone carvings in the public space environment as a visual focus, attunements urban environment cultural context, to cater to the social public aesthetic, which highlights the public cultural connotation, sets up the city brand image. The meaning of the statue of liberty is worth far more than its as stone entity of the urban environment, it has become one of America's public spirit, with strong commonality. 2. Modern environmental stone to interact with the public works in stone as a public environment, is not only the artists themselves, but with the public, can not be completely independent, to have and the nature of the social public communication, and pay attention to public participation for the works, interactivity, etc. Environment in xi 'an city stone, for example, three of characters in ancient costume, with the cane reflects both the status of the ancient capital of xi 'an as history cultural prosperity, also easy to let a hobby movement of people to produce and to desire; Also in bronze stone beside a road, an old man sitting on a pendulum have chess at the table, with its relatively empty stool is very easy to hook up the stranger sitting down with the chess match, or a desire to watch, so good interaction with the public. Therefore, environment stone carvings and dialogue between the public. Pay attention to work and public interaction, is an important part of environment stone creation. So environment stone carvings in form and spatial scales, want to notice to communicate with the public, spiritual dialogue with the public. Stone in addition to the beautification space environment, reflects era culture, should pay attention to it more humanized design, highlight the people-oriented idea, emphasize communication with the public, cultivate people's temperament is the modern environment stone base. 3. Modern environmental stone carvings and the aesthetic psychology of the public American designer prose has said the three dimensional design aesthetics, technology and economy, the more important is the fourth dimension, namely human nature. Respect people, people-oriented is the ultimate goal of modern design. Design conforms to the person's psychology, to satisfy the aesthetic needs of people, for the social public to provide a harmonious living environment, is the important precondition for environmental stone existence value. Aesthetic is a kind of consciousness activity, dependent on the objective existence of the material world, aesthetic idea by culture, religion, history, national, regional and other social factors. Therefore, environment stone carving various factors such as: material, color, form and content, etc. , should be accord with the aesthetic requirement of different regions and different populations. With the development of the society, modern people's visual aesthetic also great changes have taken place, the understanding of environmental stone also broader, of stone carving works in the public life environment, also inject more new meaning.
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