Mocai magnetic toy building block

by:Ennas      2022-02-05
For children, childhood without toys is incomplete, especially the assembled magnetic film and building block toys, which can make the baby feel the wonder of the world in the process of assembling, puzzle enlightenment, and make the child sprout more What a fun way to play together, spell color and wisdom in the play. Mocai magnetic sheet building block toys are rich in colors, which can enlighten children's cognition of colors. Natural permanent magnets are selected with strong magnetic force, which is convenient for children not to collapse during the assembly process. The material is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic, which is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. , Don’t be afraid of children biting while playing, so you can rest assured to buy for your children. Mocai magnetic piece building block toys use ultrasonic welding technology, which is more resistant to fall, no glue, no formaldehyde, rounded corner design, smooth edges and no burrs, each piece is safe, care for the baby’s small hands without injury, so that the baby can fight as much as possible With various shapes, in the process of assembling, spell out a colorful and intelligent childhood. Mocai is a brand of Xinqitian Toys Trading Company in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. It distributes wholesale clay, DIY stickers, sand paintings, other toys, and best-selling consumer markets. It enjoys a high position among consumers and is also a distributor. A toy brand trusted by consumers. If you still don’t know which toy to choose for your child, choose this toy that can be assembled with colorful magnetic pieces. The variety of shapes and rich colors allow children to perceive the world in the assembling and spell out the wisdom of childhood!
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