Miro is simple and unique art works

by:Ennas      2020-06-17
, the Chinese concept of art began to slowly become complex diverse, such as impressionism, fauvism, the barbizon school, modernist, a series of foreign arts factions term for people familiar with gradually. Are known to zhejiang gallery later, we began to think about what is art? Is one of the few artists of the premium, or open the door to meet everyone's spirit paradise? The national level artists, zhejiang art museum curator Yin Shula, it is also one of the exhibition curator in hangzhou the millo, he said: 'art belongs to everyone, not just absolutely belongs to the children and the artist; Our gallery is not receiving a few places, are popular. 'As the zhejiang art museum, one of the three big show in the opening exhibition of ─ ─' Joan miro. JoanMiro) Grasping the parade was held at national art museum of zhejiang, exhibition will last until September 25. Back to simple the exhibition by the zhejiang art museum and constant perfection take miro foundation hosted Barcelona in Spain, is by far the introduction of domestic the largest miro exhibition. Talk about why choose miro works as the opening show, Yin Shula said: 'rice of works of art can arouse public yearning, it makes people realize that art is a simple, from the heart'. The Spanish artist miro ( The 1893-1893) , Picasso, Dali is the 20th century and one of the famous painter, his life work quantity is various, involved in the artistic creation wide variety, and using a variety of materials for creation. Charismatic miro's art style, the painting language full of personal and expressive force. Is so simple and so mysterious. See his work, the first exclamation is from the heart 'this painting, I also can draw. 'Interview, there is a kid with excitement told reporters:' pretty easy, I also can draw, but may not have thought is simple, but I can go back and try. 'Yin Shula said:' many master's works are exhibited at home, we Chinese people often take a worship of the heart to watch. Or a lot of people think, that is the art of talent will go to see, and we live too far away. 'Miro's work has become a kind of simple, it is very unique. As milo himself said: 'a person, a bird or something else. However, for me, painting is not a form for the form. 'Works behind the seemingly simple millo, after also continue to' practice 'to go back to the pure origin. Early rice of the artistic creation influenced by Cezanne, the influence of modern paintings, such as van gogh, cubism in tried fauvism, cubism, dadaism and various technique of expression, miro gradually formed the art style that belongs to oneself completely, painting language also gradually mature. In his works there are a lot of original unconscious symbol, the symbol occupies his paper, straightforward, simply shows his work. Miro, once said: 'until today, when I was walking, I am still looking at the sky and looked at the ground, instead of watching the scenery. 'Deserves to eastern spirit miro from Chinese painting from the mainstream western painting, and to derive orientalize performance, including Chinese traditional and folk painting spirit. Westerners, to a great level, from the millo paintings found in the Oriental aesthetic thought and the value orientation of philosophy. Miro Oriental spirit of art, but not his most personal discussion art style, also can say is the most guanghua light of his artistic creation. The exhibition work it was in the 1960 s and seventy s he painting mature stage, including miro from 1960 to 1979 and the creation of 16 oil on canvas painting, 20 paper paintings, 25 pieces figurines and 35 pieces and 50 plates pictures, a total of one hundred and forty-six pieces of works, from the millo fund collection. In this part of the painting, we can through the cloth, paper, paint, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, crayon, paint, ink, charcoal, pen and pencil, understand the miro's perception of the universe and yearning, and his quiet reflects the madness within gorgeous color. Zhejiang art museum opened during the exhibition, the pavilion are all free to the public. The 'grasping cruise ─ Joan. Miro' exhibition in hangzhou during the exhibition not only attracted many professional, there are many people go to, what is more nearly every week to see it again this rare feast.
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