'Minimum panda' and other contemporary figurines of Taiwan boutique at xi 'an datang west city museum

by:Ennas      2020-05-30
Core tip: two of the sewing needle needle within the mouth that lurked a playing the giant panda, they are carved with resin, only 0. 7 mm large, known as the smallest pandas in the world. On August 8, in west two sewing needle needle holes in each lurked a playing the giant panda, they are carved with resin, only 0. 7 mm large, known as the smallest pandas in the world. August 8, in xi 'an datang west city museum, many audiences through a magnifying glass by the 'minimum' series of figurines from Taiwan. On the same day, by the xi 'an datang west city museum and Taiwan goose humanities association jointly organized the 'persistent stick to dream weavers craftsmen - — Figurines on both sides of the strait 'in xi 'an datang west city art museum, four Taiwan and the mainland three well-known figurines domestic more than 50 pieces, not only in the sides of the Taiwan straits multivariate figurines culture blending, and through the metal, diamond and work on the hair and other special materials, presented the best art and new interpretation of the visual feast. The exhibition is also datang west city museum for the first time since the opening statuettes show at the organization of the Taiwan straits artists. An audience stop to take pictures in front of the exhibits. Qin Yi photo exhibition exhibited Taiwan Chen on show that the carved stone carvings and brick carvings, which featured qilu dream, bao-long li stainless steel sculpture, and Lin ZhengRen archways of works, they are contemporary art style and Taiwan's regional culture characteristics of both products. The mainland displayed figurines and each has its own characteristics, the works of a truly fascinating, including week xiang 'sima qian' 'since the statue', at the camp 'Beethoven', Xie Cong figurine works such as 'the year 1937'. Within a hall, known as 'the first person of Taiwan weidiao' Chen on show in the milli mans engraving, attracts many visitors to a magnifying glass before. A m carved works called 'still life', in a 0. 5×0. 3 cm presents a picture of a grain of rice on the calligraphy and painting works, really is a 'hide the world in a grain of rice, half pot qiankun! 'According to the staff, the work' the smallest pandas in the world 'written by Chen meet show takes three months, carved two are giant pandas eat bamboo, darling, vivid stereo modelling. The name of the two giant pandas 'tuan tuan' and 'yuan yuan', indeed, the giant panda tuan tuan and yuan yuan at the end of 2008 to the event and in Taiwan. Show the audience a photo. Qin Yi taken these figurines, crafted exhibits and pleasing to the eye, through a small statue home unusual creativity shape in metals, jade, ceramics, diamond and other materials, not only embodies the strong artistic breath, strong personal style, more revealed that the artist persistent stick for originality and unremitting pursuit of art. The exhibition for a month, will display to September 8, free and open to the public. Xi 'an datang west city, curator of the museum, said Mr. Wang was put the exhibition in the summer, also hope that more audience, especially the small audience, can understand into the museum of history and traditional culture at the same time, strengthen the understanding of contemporary art on both sides of the strait.
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