Milu Artist's Advanced Jigsaw Stimulates Children's Multiple Aesthetics

by:Ennas      2022-01-31
Who doesn't want to have an artist friend? The artist’s advanced jigsaw puzzle, each picture is drawn by a world-renowned artist, full of various artistic details, inspiring children's diverse aesthetics. Five well-known artists from all over the world take their children to explore the world of art and draw strength from daily life. 1: Make friends with artists. Artists also have childhood. Every artist has his own childhood. They record the beauty of childhood in the picture and send them to children all over the world, so that they can also empathize. Artists from all over the world have unique artistic styles. Let's take a look~ Pictures of busy towns As children's cognitive ability grows, they are more and more interested in the things around them, and they will ask many why. French artist Sophie Fati recorded the daily life of children playing in the park and the operation of the city on the screen, using the children's life scenes as a puzzle screen to enhance the children's sense of experience and interest in the process of playing. Children can see the lifestyles of people all over the world, realize the diversity and unity of race, culture, and nature, learn to respect, and unknowingly establish an open world outlook. Choose some popular science pictures for children and let them explore by themselves. On the other side, the French artist, Maude Lienard, connected the little red dragon with scenic spots and customs all over the world, and was popular in more than 20 countries. The small pieces of the puzzle are a well-known building. Go, children who travel 6+ prefer coherent and plot stories. Moreover, the cognition level of things is different, and the diversified and rich pictures can stimulate children's language expression and logical thinking. Understand the different art styles What color is this first-order puzzle using American artist Eric Carr's 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what are you looking at?' 'Animal images in For babies around 2 years old, the main purpose is to develop vision and touch, so the picture should be simple, clear, and colorful. Grandpa Carl's unique collage painting style and the use of brilliant colors bring children a kind of childhood warmth and eliminate their fear of the unknown world. The unique style of the dinosaur era is bold and powerful, and can even be called'tough'. But the story behind it is extremely warm and touching. The second-order dinosaur era puzzle drawn by Japanese artist Miyashita also feels the power of love in the silly style of painting. Children can also understand some small truths~ British artist Alison Jane is good at using a special oil paint to paint, forming a retro effect similar to ice cracks on the surface of the canvas, which has a mysterious temperament. The Sound of Season 3+ children are the time when their cognition and imagination are growing rapidly. At this time, let the children understand the artistic pictures that are close to reality and imaginative, and encourage them to imagine freely. In Wonder Animal World, you can also choose some pictures with a storyline to feel the joy, anger, sorrow and joy with your baby, and cultivate your baby's empathy and emotional intelligence. 2: Experts create a professional system jointly developed by Junko Urbe, chairman of the Japanese Children's Counseling Association, Yang Di, the first person in picture book parenting in China, and Luo Lina, director of the Chinese Family Education Association, to gradually advance and fully develop children's thinking ability and artistic aesthetics. It is especially important to choose the artistic aesthetic that your child likes and suits him. Some children like to do graffiti when they are 2 years old, but when they are 3 years old, with the development of cognition, concentration, and fine motor skills, their preferences become different. Step by step, scientific development. 3: Everyone is an artist of life. The essence of art education and all education is the philosophy that allows children to reap the rest of life. For children, art not only allows them to discover the beauty in life, but more importantly, allows them to live their daily lives beautifully. Open the door of aesthetic education enlightenment with the advanced jigsaw puzzle for artists~ Double 12 is more favorable, so hurry up and get started.
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