Milan, Italy international gifts crafts exhibition, Handicraft

by:Ennas      2021-08-21
The exhibition to introduce time: 2018. 12. 01-2018. 12. 09 exhibition industry: gift cycle: an annual one host address: Italy - Milan - Milan, Italy, new international exhibition hall Fiera Milano Rho host units: Ge. Fi。 - - - - - - Gestione Fiere S. p。 一个。 Milan, Italy international gifts crafts exhibition, Handicraft Fair is the world to watch one of the largest number of arts and crafts exhibition, individuals and companies are bound to Italian and European countries to buy the gift and for the goods. , Handicraft Fair is open to a Chinese company global famous Handicraft sell exhibition, has successfully held the 20 th, attract exhibitors and buyers from all over the world. , Handicraft Fair show from the characteristics of all kinds of handicrafts. The exhibition is divided into five main themes: household items, fashion products, arts and crafts design, arts and crafts creation and characteristics of food and beverage area. Each year, the arts and crafts from around the world gathered here, every skillful craftsman hit each other, is showing its products of the company and learning skill a good platform. Italy is a country full of romance and passion, milan is assemble the world's top fashion city, came to the people of vision, full of love and passion for novel and elegant handicraft. Exhibition in milan, Italy galleries is a worldwide trading venues, not only to the exhibitors and visitors present supply comfortable spacious exhibition space, more can bring great convenience and benefit to all parties concerned. Zero distance contact with more than 3 million buyers from all over the world, huge crowds, professional buyers from all over the world, lots of tourists ensures you sell are improving. Exhibits range of gifts, handicrafts, souvenirs, tourism products, pottery, wood products, iron products, copper products, textiles, paper and card, marble, glass products, all kinds of toys, electronic gifts, handicrafts, home textile pattern design, the family decoration silk embroidery, embroidery, gold and silver articles and class gem stones, precious stones, jade, coral, costume jewelry, etc
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