Midea Group's ranking rises by 127, traditional manufacturing uses the Internet to 'lock in' users

by:Ennas      2021-12-07

Currently, the Internet, Internet of Things, AI, and big data are developing rapidly, and the Industry 4.0 era is about to emerge. The integration of manufacturing and the Internet is an inevitable trend in the future and the only way for China's traditional manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade. However, in the actual progress, there are still many difficulties and challenges. How can traditional manufacturing industries embrace Internet+ and achieve transformation and upgrading, and how can companies effectively communicate with users under the trend of mobile Internet? Industry 4.0 is coming, are you ready? Since the concept of Industry 4.0 was put forward at the Hannover Messe in Germany in 2013, it has attracted much attention and has caused great repercussions in countries all over the world. In May 2015, the State Council formally issued 'Made in China 2025'. Premier Li Keqiang emphasized many times that 'Internet +' is an important support for 'Made in China 2025'. It is necessary to promote the integrated development of manufacturing and the Internet and accelerate 'Made in China'. Rapid transformation. Midea’s road to upgrade and transformation. From March 29th to 30th, the 11th China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference hosted by China Toys and Baby Products Association will be held in Suzhou. Chen Xinle, general manager of Midea Group’s Miyun Intelligent Digital Division Will attend this conference as an invited guest, and will bring a keynote speech on 'How traditional manufacturing uses mobile Internet to connect usersThe connection of users brings new vigor and vitality to the traditional manufacturing industry. Speaking of Midea, what we all know is the Midea series of household appliances. In fact, Midea is now a technology group integrating consumer appliances, HVAC, robotics and automation systems, and intelligent supply chain (logistics). The transformation and upgrading of Midea Group began in 2012, using big data and mobile internet to enhance Midea's upgrading and transformation from marketing, supply, manufacturing, after-sales service, and Ru0026D. From 2016 to 2017, Midea launched the Digital 2.0 project. In addition to its own internal upgrade management, it also opened up the value chain of distributors, channel dealers, and upstream buyers. In addition to understanding the real product usage of 30% of users through online sales, and providing help to improve product quality and after-sales service, it also transparently connects another 70% of offline users through distributors and channel providers. All of Midea's after-sales installations use APP to connect installers with shopping guides and after-sales services. This enables the digitization of dealers, marketing terminals, and after-sales service operations to get closer and closer to users and understand their needs better. TJPA China Manufacturing Upgrade Award, Helping Industry Upgrade The 11th China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference will be based on the brand marketing in the smart era, the creation of ultimate products, the marketing changes in the omni-channel era, the relationship between scene marketing, IP and derivatives The main topics are to interpret forward-looking trends, publish industry data, introduce innovative theories, share successful experiences, stimulate corporate vitality, and maintain sustained and steady development of the industry. The China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference will also solemnly commend production companies that have made outstanding achievements in process upgrades, product upgrades and supply chain upgrades in 2018, and will issue the 'TJPA China Manufacturing Upgrade AwardApplication Tel: 010-68293612) The China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference was started in 2002 and has been successfully held for ten times. Now it has developed into the most authoritative, professional and valuable brand event in China! This year's theme is 'Foreseeing 2019·IntegrationPlaces are limited, scan the code to register online!
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