Microscopic characteristics of the spring and autumn period and the system of jade intaglio lines at high magnification, _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-08
Core tip: gao has lost part of the process, or even the modern science and technology have also been unable to whole true copy. View a set of traces of the warring states period jade craft ( FIG. 1) : or that such process part traces of ancient jade has been lost, or even the modern science and technology have also been unable to whole true copy. View a set of traces of the warring states period jade craft ( FIG. 1) : or that traces of such processes should be no problem. Wait a minute, because this is an ancient craft trace after about 200 times larger version, that is, the actual work mark only 1/200 of the as seen here. 200 times the macro is like a concept of what? Article 5 the total width of intaglio lines about 868 microns, 1000 microns to 1 mm, that is to say, the width of 1 mm in about 5 - carving Article 6 the intaglio lines such intaglio line of work is to use what tools? Or that was widely used iron during the warring states period, should be used iron effort to complete, but not seen at the bottom of the shade is engraved line clear lead cut features; Or think that from the shade is engraved line depth and width of a feature should be indented to complete, but after all, 'he my knife' is only holy dragon first see the tail of the beautiful legend. From the above four frames of figure 1 high macro figure, even on the same piece of jade, show different process, because the ancient jade takes time, work system made a jade may have for years, even if he/she changed craftsmen. Ancient craftsman is with what kind of tools, how to make this jade? So far. The shade is engraved line should be in one continuous line of liangzhu culture since - — Mysterious liangzhu intaglio line is uneven density within 1 mm, densely is 3 - Article 5 the intaglio characteristics (the end of the line, See the ancient jade toddlers ( 79). : high clearly the TuShang distinguishes the liangzhu imitation intaglio line ', '( 130). : intaglio lines are imitation of liangzhu culture revelation 'and' ( 138). Jade: collection tiny marks from imaging analysis - — Liangzhu scribed line process) 。 This is the ancient jade craft at high magnification micrograph bring us shocked. If the naked eye, this kind of shock intaglio line carrier - — Warring states gao also seems to be nothing special, it is with characteristics of the warring states period, wen gu yu ( Figure 3) : if the local figure unable to feel close to distance local figure to look at the actual collection map if only from the macroscopic observation, the items may not have what special; But the gas subtleties of macro observation, does not produce the feeling of shock. Because of such technology, modern really can't understand and copy - — This is the ancient YuGong mark's 'will'. This is found in the keep the king's tomb in henan nanyang river town of yu le child ( Figure 6) To shade is engraved line performance must Mao Helin slice of the dragon, decorative overelaborate. Ancient jade, the child is one of the common bulk collection, through the above macro observation of the spring and autumn period and the shade is engraved line process, should be able to have a preliminary judgment on such a collection of note: this article transcribing the you-lai zhang teacher some pictures of the gao code, in this special thanks ( Pictures all peer originator) 。
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