Measures to expel the laser pointer from the 'toy family'

by:Ennas      2021-12-17

Recently, there was a message in WeChat Moments that attracted the attention of parents. The title is: 'A ten-year-old baby is permanently blind when he glances at the laser pointer.' Such a piece of news was the first reported and disclosed by the 'Wuhan Evening News'. In fact, this is not alarmist, because the damage to the eyes caused by laser pointer irradiation is irreversible. In response to the frequent incidents of laser pointer injuries, in March 2014, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the 'Laser pointer and children's laser gun product quality and safety risk warning and consumer reminder, Consumers should avoid laser irradiating human eyes, skin, clothes and other places when using laser pointers. But since this is just a friendly reminder, the effect is minimal. Since my country has not formulated mandatory safety standards for civilian laser products, this undoubtedly provides convenience for the flood of various types of laser pointers in the market, and children can easily buy such products. Because children are naturally active and have poor self-control, once they have a laser pointer toy, even if they know that they can’t be used to irradiate people’s eyes, they will forget about it when they have fun, not to mention many children don’t even know the laser pointer in their hands. In fact, it is a kind of 'harmful weapon' that can hurt people inadvertently.   Therefore, for the chaotic laser pointer market, the regulatory authorities should take decisive measures. How to manage it? I think we might as well take a quick knife to cut the mess, expel the laser pointer from the 'toy familyClass products are brought into the campus; secondly, mandatory safety standards for civil laser products should be formulated and promulgated as soon as possible, the demonstration laser pointers should be strengthened, and the product quality standards should be strict. Purpose warning words; finally, law enforcement should be strengthened, and manufacturers and merchants that illegally produce and sell laser pointer products should be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.
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