mdb Fawn Mushroom Soothing Teether Teething Stick Toy, Soft Q Bomb, Helping Baby To Pass Teething Happy

by:Ennas      2022-01-30
Babies like to do some sucking movements since 2 months, and bite their hands and feet to get satisfaction. During teething, it will be accompanied by gum pain, itching, grumpiness, low-grade fever and other symptoms. The baby's growth cannot be ignored. mdb Fawn Mushroom Soothing Teether Teething Stick Toys bite smoothly and smoothly, giving the baby a mother-like sense of security and helping the baby to spend the teething period happily. mdb Fawn Mushroom Soothing Teether Molar Toy is made of platinum silica gel, which is often used for soft Q bombs on medical equipment. It is safe to enter. It also uses a breast-curved pacifier designed to increase the baby’s sense of security and satisfy the baby in the bite. feel. While flipping up the mdb fawn mushroom soothing teether molar stick toy, you can put small snacks and drink water on the head to cultivate the baby's hands-on ability. The built-in bell can change the bell in seconds to attract the baby's attention. And the baby's teeth are very fragile, and a little harder will cause damage. The soft silicone material will not harm your baby's mouth and gums at the same time. The mdb fawn mushroom soothing teether molar rod toy 19mm fawn ears, imitated the scientific design of breast milk, so that the baby can fit perfectly when sucking, avoid ingesting air and entering too deep, causing galactorrhea and retching.
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