May Day is approaching the gift industry ushered in a new round of promotion peak

by:Ennas      2022-02-09

Although the holiday has not officially arrived on May 1st, the gift industry, both manufacturers and distributors, are making relevant promotion preparations, hoping to sell more products in the weak market. It is reported that after the gift market has experienced a period of promotional space, there will be more vigorous promotional activities in the coming May Day.   Most industry insiders also believe that the sales situation of the gift industry is in line with the law of the holiday economy. , Consumers are all office workers, only on weekends and holidays before they have time to carefully select products. Both stores and merchants should grasp the laws and opportunities of holiday consumption, and promptly introduce sales policies that can stimulate consumers' desire to buy to the greatest extent and can also bring consumers the most preferential treatment in order to boost sales. The promotion at the beginning of April will be the warm-up for the promotion war this year. Starting from the Ching Ming Festival, the promotion war will intensify, and will usher in the first wave of sales this year on May Day.    For major brands, the node market in the past two years The performance of the company is very different from previous years. Many brand dealers bluntly said that in the ordinary market environment, it is difficult to obtain more market share through a single price war. It is true that the 'just need' still exists, and it is not. No less than in previous years, but consumers will be more sensible. Now consumers will do their homework before buying, especially when it comes to product selection, they are very cautious. As a gift company, it must deepen its inner workings, improve its services, and enhance its brand influence. From raw materials to ensure quality, to strict factory management, process detail control, and store sales rhetoric, consumers can truly feel the strength of big brands.   No matter when the product is the core of whether it can impress consumers, in the gift industry, with the increasingly prominent quality problems, gifts full of personalized characteristics are becoming more and more trusted by consumers. In the current fierce market, brands provide consumers with cheap and high-quality products that can bring consumers a practical and beautiful experience in the process of use, so their products can gain a larger market.
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