Mattel's comprehensive layout of China's toy industry starts from IP

by:Ennas      2022-01-04
What kind of sparks the little-known Bodhi and friends will have with Mattel Sassafras, whether Bodhi and their friends can truly go to the world and become the first domestically produced international IP, let us wait and see! [Chinese and foreign toy network, February 24th] The global toy giant Mattel's recent association with Chinese companies frequently made headlines. Less than two days after announcing its strategic cooperation with Alibaba Group, it reached a cooperation with Chinese parenting website Baby Tree. protocol. Faced with the multi-billion-dollar Chinese children's toy market, Mattel is clearly trying to seize the opportunity to become a leader. The author interprets Mattel’s layout strategy and cooperates with Alibaba in an attempt to seize the online and offline retail market in China. Mattel has a strong sales network in the offline toy market, while Alibaba’s Tmall Taobao can greatly compensate in the field of e-commerce. Mattel Toys is temporarily insufficient online, and the cooperation with Baby Tree is to focus on online and offline early education. Baby Tree is the largest online group for mothers and babies. This cooperation will enhance Mattel’s early education in China. Market soft power.   In fact, this series of actions by Mattel can be seen in some of Mattel’s cooperation last year. We found that Mattel had quietly added a Chinese IP to their brand series last year. In October 2016, Mattel finalized the first Chinese animation IP to cooperate with Bodhi and friends in 70 years. The IP holder is Shenzhen Century Creative Technology Co., Ltd. (Century Creativity). Century Creativity authorized Mattel to use Bodhi Develop toys with friends’ cartoon images and carry out global promotion and sales, and strive to build Bodhi and friends into flagship brands in the Fisher-Price series of Mattel’s **** toy brand. It is not difficult to see that this cooperation with Bodhi and friends is an important step for Mattel to pave the way for the retail and early education market in China. As one of the world’s largest toy industry giants with the largest number of private brands, Mattel’s previous cooperation with toy There is no precedent for IP cooperation. The following author will take you to learn more about Mattel's flag.  Brand positioning and healthy distribution of positive energy Relying on its flagship product Bodhi and friends, the company is determined to bring animation, games and other entertainment and educational interactive content to children and inspire their wisdom and kindness. As China's first international children's brand, Bodhi and its friends won the top ten outstanding domestic cartoons, the bronze award of the China Animation Golden Dragon Award, and other honors. The first two seasons of cartoons have won 226 million TV coverage and 100 million monthly online video views. And other good results, won the CCTV Children's Channel, Golden Eagle Cartoon double ratings championship, the entire network coverage, the total number of views is 1.2 billion. The brand-new animation 'Bodhi and Friends Season 3 Dream Alliance' was officially launched at the beginning of this year. The film uses a way of entertaining and entertaining, showing the collision of different educational views, reflecting the importance and correctness of family education, and giving all its effort to children We inculcate correct values u200bu200band views on right and wrong, encourage young children to pursue their dreams, convey a positive and never-giving spirit, and convey positive energy. The content of the third season trailer is diversified and quality is in line with international Mattel Asia Pacific Managing Director Peter Broegger said that the reason why Mattel chose to cooperate with Bodhi and friends among many children’s education brands is because this brand is different from other animation IPs in China. Their development is centered on edutainment and fun, and while producing high-quality content, they incorporate rich educational elements into it. Regardless of the production team or the design ideas, Century Creative has a strong international development extension, as well as a global strategic layout and vision.   In addition to animated cartoons, Bodhi and friends on the market also have education-related products such as English books, English nursery rhymes, educational technology products, etc., and are of international quality.  The rapid development trend   The head of Century Creative told the reporter of Sino-foreign that the global toy industry has been operating well in recent years, and animation IP derivative products are indispensable. Relying on the influence of the cartoon 'Bodhi and FriendsIn addition, Century Creative will continue to launch derivative products, mobile game linkage toys and smart TV toys this year. This is the first time Mattel has tried to cooperate with domestic IP. It seems that it has made up its mind to seize and expand the market in China. What kind of sparks will the little-known Bodhi and friends have with Mattel Sassafras, and whether Bodhi and their friends can truly In the sense of going to the world, becoming the first domestically produced international IP, let us wait and see!
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