Maternity and Infant Industry Angel Meeting Roadshow Conference 2017 unveiled at Wuzhan

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

On June 16-18, 2017, an upgraded version of the Wuhan Maternity, Infant and Child Expo will be launched in the Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, which has convenient transportation and a prosperous business district. The 'Pregnancy, Infant and Child Industry Angel Meeting Roadshow Conference' hosted by Optics Valley Venture Coffee will also make a stunning appearance. Optics Valley Chuangjia, abbreviated as Optics Valley Chuangjia, is a platform that promotes the development of Internet + startups and the connection of investment and financing. It was jointly invested and founded by Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun and Optics Valley Software Chairman Li Ruxiong. Optics Valley Chuangca has many Internet+ pregnant, baby and child service companies on its national platform, and has a large number of professional angel investors. It has successfully held hundreds of angel fair roadshows. It is reported that Optics Valley Chuangjia will use its own advantages to establish a dedicated team to organize a 'Pregnancy, Infant and Child Industry Angel Roadshow Conference' at the same time as the 2017 Wuhan Pregnancy, Infant and Child Expo to help the investment and financing of the pregnancy, infant and child industry in Central China. Promote the new development of the pregnancy, infant and child industry in central China. On behalf of Optics Valley Chuangya, Director Gui Guangya expressed his willingness to work with Wuhan Zhaoming Exhibition Company to use Optics Valley Chuangca's national platform to organize pregnant and infant e-commerce companies to participate in the 2017 Wuhan Maternity and Child Expo to achieve information sharing and win-win cooperation. (Official website of Wuhan Expo:
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