Marketing Enlightenment Brought by the 'Red Envelope War' to Gift Enterprises

by:Ennas      2022-02-16

Since the WeChat red envelope war 'started, friends around me have never let the grabbing red envelopes go away'. Red envelopes have been grabbed for meals, red envelopes have been grabbed for a circle of friends and so on. Red envelopes have been grabbed everywhere. In general, almost all Internet companies were in it overnight. The 'red envelope war' was fierce, and the Spring Festival Gala pushed this event to a higher point.   The red envelope grabbing by all the people is more than just one item. Entertainment activities are even more a battle of Internet thinking. The 'Red Envelope War' coincides with the Spring Festival. Chinese people attach great importance to sending blessings to each other during the Spring Festival. Sending red envelopes is also a tradition in the Chinese New Year. This time, Internet companies use the function of 'launching red envelopes' during the Spring Festival. In addition, the 'red envelope grabbing' activity on the Internet has gone beyond the concept of red envelopes. It is highly entertaining. The random selection used makes participants excited and enhances the drama of the interaction. This is also suitable for a hot sentence on the Internet a while ago. Words-no entertainment, no marketing.    Then, how should gift companies realize some marketing methods from this 'red envelope war'?  Gift companies need to seize the opportunity.   Successful marketing, timing is the first condition. Just like the red envelope war 'choose in the Spring Festival' node. The marketing approach of gift companies is primarily how to seize a good opportunity. In fact, 'Spring Festival' is a very good marketing time for gift companies. As we all know, visiting relatives and friends is the tradition of Chinese New Year. The Spring Festival is the time when people visit relatives and friends the most. In fact, it may be possible to take advantage of this opportunity to conduct the Spring Festival. Active marketing may become a topic of after-dinner for consumers-so-and-so gifts are good! '   gift corporate marketing Meng Meng Da'   The so-called Meng Meng Da' here can have certain entertainment factors to make consumers happy. Entertainment Marketing It’s the brand’s show. Gift companies should abandon their high-cold attitudeNo marketing!   In short, in this era full of marketing opportunities, gift companies must grasp the characteristics of marketing and strive to spend a small amount of money to do big marketing at the right time. Therefore, gift companies must avoid seizing the opportunity and consumer psychology when using online marketing.
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