Mario Toys also joins McDonald’s Happy Children’s Package in Taiwan

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

Taiwan McDonald’s announced on its official website that it will launch a 'Happy Kids Meal' with Nintendo’s signature 'Super Mario' toy from January 29. It is still unclear about the styles and types of Mario-themed toys that McDonald’s Taiwan is scheduled to launch. However, McDonald’s Japan launched the same event from late November to early December last year. At that time, the following 8 types of Mario-themed toys were presented, McDonald’s Taiwan It may be extended. 'Mario and the End Flagpole' 'Mario and the Mysterious Cube' 'Mario and the Water Pipe' 'Flame Mario' 'Pull Back Mario' 'Penguin Mario' 'Yoshi' 'Princess' Japan's McDonald's activities at the time were announced
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