Manlong Baby Jenga Puzzle Rainbow Ring Ring 6-12 Months Baby Early Education Duidui

by:Ennas      2022-01-31
For the new year, have parents thought about what kind of toys should be prepared for the children? Maybe some parents are ready early. Of course, some parents are still shopping, but they don't know which toys to buy are more suitable for children 6-12 months old. Manlong Baby Jenga puzzle rainbow ring is always fun, and children will not get tired of playing for a long time. The donut-like stacking design allows you to use your brains at the same time, which cultivates the creative thinking of the baby's space and develops the creative power of unconstrained creativity. Selected environmentally friendly PC material, BPA-free, babies can bite with confidence, parents do not have to worry about any harm. The different animal patterns on each layer can firmly attract the baby's attention, and the various textures also bring a rich tactile experience to the baby. The stable pyramid shape and the enlarged chassis support the baby when it shakes from side to side while playing, it will not easily roll over. The rich color scheme is like a colorful donut, which enlightens the baby's aesthetic perception of color. Built-in small PC particles, hold it in your hand and turn into a rattle in seconds. Shaking will make a rustling sound, which can exercise your baby's hand strength. 360-degree sanding, smooth and delicate without burrs, cares for the baby's delicate skin and avoids scratches. If you want to buy toys that are suitable for babies from 6-12 months old, choose Manlong Baby Jenga Puzzle Rainbow Ring!
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