Manlong baby crawling mat 4380 days of technology precipitation, only for the baby to be safer

by:Ennas      2022-01-17
The baby is very capable of learning. If the baby has passed the first winter, he can now crawl everywhere and walk tremblingly! But in summer, we still have to take protective measures. The floor in your home is relatively cold. Coupled with air conditioning, it is easy to catch a cold if you crawl on the ground or walk barefoot for a long time! Parents can buy a crawling mat for care, and let them play on the crawling mat without worrying! At the same time, they can be equipped with fences, so they will not climb out of the limited range, and the safety factor is higher. Fear of the baby catching cold, falling down, fearing of the baby’s knee injury, worrying about any safety issues when the baby is playing, Manlong baby crawling mat, 4380 days of technical precipitation, only for the baby to be safer. Manlong Baby Crawling Mat has been certified by a number of testing agencies, with appearance patents, radius testing, SGS certification, formamide testing, 3C certification, HAP special testing, etc., and it is safe and guaranteed. Five-layer structure design, 360-degree safety care. High-density XPE material, soft and elastic, 7-point absorption and shock absorption, 3-point rebound and rebound, so the baby does not hurt when falling. Thicken the cushion core to block the cold, damp and heat on the ground, suitable for all seasons. Non-slip texture, smooth but not slippery. The surface is waterproof, stain-proof, milk stains, urine, etc. will not seep, and it will be cleaned with one wipe. Printing technology prints colorful puzzle patterns on the inner layer of the PE matte film, which does not directly touch the baby's skin, which is healthy and non-irritating. Every crawling mat packed into the Manlong packaging has undergone strict formamide inspection, appearance inspection and odor inspection to ensure that you can safely use it for your baby after opening the packaging.
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