Manhattan Toy Manhattan ball baby teether how to catch the ball, what are the functions

by:Ennas      2022-01-16
According to scientific research, during the critical period of rapid development of the baby’s brain, babies who can get rich audiovisual touch, exercise and balance in time are more likely to develop an optimistic, confident and positive personality than children who lack environmental guidance. A good toy is an indispensable little helper in the family. How about Manhattan Toy's baby teether catching the ball? What are the functions of the Manhattan Toy Manhattan Ball? Manhattan Ball Many hand-grabbing balls in the Manhattan Ball market are fixed with metal screws. The screws are prone to rust when exposed to baby's saliva for a long time and breed various harmful bacteria. The baby eats rust by mistake, which is harmful to health. Manhattan ball baby gutta-percha hand grasping ball double-layer ultrasonic welding process, the center rattle position does not use glue and metal screws small parts, the baby is safe, mothers can rest assured. And from the inside to the outside, the central rattle square and the TPU hollow tube are tightly connected by barbed buckles, no BPA, safe entrance, soft Q bomb, tough, bite-resistant, and constantly tugging Manhattan ball. Manhattan Ball So what are the functions of Manhattan Toy Manhattan Ball? Hand grasping the ball: exercise arm strength, in line with the grasping habits of month-old babies, 360 grasping at will. Linked to each other, exercise arm strength and help muscle development. Teether: No BPA, safe TPU material Q elastic and tough, rest assured to bite, help through the teething period, use high-quality TPU, do not soak in high temperature soaking in water. Rattle: It helps the development of auditory and sensory organs. It is soft and not harsh, suitable for months old babies. Color design: high color contrast attracts baby's attention and helps cultivate visual development. Tummy Time: Lying down and sleeping, playing on your stomach. One month-old baby with a Manhattan ball, the baby's sensory growth is one step faster.
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