Man giving gifts to women is a technical job

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

Gift-giving is really a skill. No matter if you are tall, handsome, rich or poor, as long as you have a woman you like and plan to pursue it to please it, you can’t avoid it. It is the most appropriate way to do what you like. Unfortunately, a woman's heart is like a needle in the sea. Sometimes even they don't understand what they are thinking. How can you know what gift she is happiest? It seems that if a man wants to become a love saint, he has to survive the battle. Gifts are a great way to express feelings. It's just that this degree is difficult to grasp.   It is not easy to give gifts, and sometimes women who receive gifts are also very embarrassed. Generally speaking, a woman has two feelings when receiving a gift: happy or embarrassed.   When he receives a gift from someone he likes, even if he sends a stone heart or a bouquet of wild flowers by the roadside, as long as he has used his heart, he will be happy. But what if someone who doesn’t like it gives a gift? Reject, it is easy to hurt the self-esteem of others if you don't speak well; accept it, and fear that he will mistakenly think that he has affection for him.  According to my observation, those women who have been calm in receiving gifts as usual, most of them are naturally beautiful beauties. They have been receiving gifts and receiving soft hands since they were young. They are not rare ordinary gifts at all, so pride in the bones is born. But most ordinary women receive gifts. Such a hot gift may still be in a dilemma. A sister received a rose from a man who didn’t like a man, and accepted it with a polite smile on the spot, with a plain expression saying that her boyfriend had just given the blue enchantress last night, and this red rose could just be picked and soaked in a rose petal bath when she came home.The implication is that the girl already has a part in her heart. Whatever you give is no good, women might as well try this method.    In addition, if the man you like is stupid and doesn’t know how to give you a stone heart. . You know, a man's dullness can also be developed, just like a potential stock, if you want to cultivate his romantic cells, this kind of thing can't be rushed. Anyway, you can slowly lead him to become the man you want for a lifetime, right? For example, the day before Valentine's Day, you act like a baby and ask him to accompany you to the shopping mall, walk to the perfume counter you like, and pretend to say casually that if someone sends me Dior perfume on Valentine's Day, I will be willing to sprinkle it on my underwear, wow, okay Sentiment! 'Trust me, if this man really loves you at this time, he will understand your hints.    If he doesn’t understand what you’re talking about so far, or if he understands and pretends to be confused, Valentine’s Day will disappoint you and don’t give anything, then Don't hesitate, this man is not really stupid, he just doesn't bother to make you happy with his heart. The best way is to replace him.
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