MaliHome MaliHome's top ten hottest items announced in May, do you have an agent?

by:Ennas      2022-01-11
It’s time to release the new list of top ten hottest models! Let’s take a look at which brands have been paid for in this issue~~~ Elenco1 circuit board-sc100 nearly five points of praise puzzle circuit blocks, this paragraph Toys are among the top 100 products on Close to 1,500 user reviews and 4.8-star reviews are very reliable. Play physics with your children! Benbat 2U pillow is a necessities for babies when they go out. Don’t pay attention to the neck of a sleeping child. This product can protect the baby’s neck and is comfortable and soft. Geomag3Magicube--Polyhedral magnetic building blocks are not divided into positive and negative poles, and can be adsorbed at will. Let the baby reach out and grasp the toy in the exploratory period, to the expression period in which he can build his own shape. Assist in understanding and thinking training. Knex4 Big Eyes Trolley-Changeable Big Eyes are not only interesting and attractive enough to attract children to focus, but also can be seen from multiple angles and dimensions in the process of children's hand-made production, so that children can recognize their space Power, imagination, mathematics enlightenment, and logical thinking have all been greatly tempered. Babymoov5 baby shaping pillow-care for the baby's sleep with human mechanics principle, prevent tilted head and flat head, safe and breathable, unique fit design, baby sleep at ease, scientifically care for the baby's undeveloped head shape. Learning Resources6 Squirrel board game is a fast and fun board game with ingenious packaging design and beautiful graphics, which directly attract children to strengthen learning color cognition, memory and matching simple math skills in the game. The game also exercises children's fine movements. And hand-eye coordination and social skills. The Magformers7 walking robot set has 45 magnetic pieces, a variety of enlightenment blocks, with motor parts, can walk with batteries, and can be placed in several different robot shapes. The 62 pieces of Magformers8 basic set are different from traditional superimposed toys. The magnetic pieces allow children to witness the transition from 2D to 3D with their own eyes and cultivate spatial imagination. Babymoov9 multifunctional food supplement machine-super multifunctional Babymoov food supplement machine was selected as the 3.8 promotion prize of Quintas stroller. Five-in-one compound function; flexible adjustment of capacity, arbitrary size; can be used by the whole family, and the service life is super long. Sophie La Giraffe10 Sophie La Giraffe-regained the trust of 2,000 throughout the network, maintaining growth for 6 consecutive months. Sophie Fawn Molar Stick-Baby's first good partner!
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