Maiqi children rocking horse to exercise the baby's sense of balance

by:Ennas      2022-02-04
Babies after 18 months need to strengthen the training of the sense of balance. It is recommended that parents buy rocking horses for their babies. The rocking state of forward and backward can improve the development of the baby's family system and stimulate the cerebellum and left and right brains. The connection, promotes the development of balance and ontology. There are many ways to play with Maiqi Children's rocking horse. The baby rides on the rocking horse and shakes the horse back and forth through the strength of the waist, abdomen and limbs, so as to exercise the coordination and balance of the limbs and better exercise the baby's sense of balance. Myki children's rocking horse breaks through the traditional rocking horse. It is multi-functional and dual-purpose. The bottom plate can be detached. When the bottom plate is removed, the baby will love it forever. After repeated experiments, the arc of the bottom plate of 0-38° allows the baby to play happily, and the swing range is stable and not easy to tip over. And you can also dismantle the bottom plate and easily transform it into a yo-yo to explore the world without getting tired of playing, allowing your baby to explore the unknown world carefree. Myki children’s rocking horse adopts the arch bridge structure principle, combined with the ergonomic principle, and the bottom plate has multiple longitudinal tensile strengths, which play a key role in the load-bearing of the chassis. There is no problem bearing the weight of the baby, and it is enough to bear the weight of an adult. weight. It also creates a spacious and comfortable activity space, scientific width and height design, supports the baby's spine and promotes the healthy development of the spine. At the same time, Maiqi Children's Rocking Horse also provides a customized story machine for babies, which teaches nursery rhymes, stories, and Chinese learning content early, so that babies can develop their intelligence and body together and enrich their childhood.
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