Maintenance skills and methods of stainless steel sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-20
Stainless steel sculptures are more common for us. Major cities and squares have stainless steel sculptures of a certain commemorative significance. It always shows a bright and beautiful part. But in fact, it is inseparable from the later maintenance work of the management staff. The following Beijing sculpture manufacturers will introduce you to the maintenance techniques and methods of stainless steel sculptures. 1. Stainless steel sculpture maintenance techniques 1. Regular cleaning Perform regular and regular cleaning of stainless steel sculptures. When cleaning, apply a neutral detergent first. The surface of the sculpture, and then wipe the surface of the sculpture with a lint-free towel. For larger stains, you can spray it with a manual spray gun, and then wipe it with a dry towel. Remember to do it gently. 2. Some sculptures in a dry environment It needs to be placed in an unventilated environment, but the stainless steel sculpture is placed in a dry environment to protect it. The temperature of the greenhouse is controlled at 18℃-24℃, and the humidity is 40%-50%. 3. Sweat prevention Sometimes some human sweat can also cause stainless steel sculptures to rust. Therefore, it is recommended to wear gloves when holding them by hand. One is to prevent the stainless steel sculpture from scratching the back of the hand, and the other is to prevent sweat from causing the sculpture to rust and corrode. You must learn to defend against the outside world. The harmful chemicals, such as: acids, chlorides, etc.! Also, when moving the cast bronze sculpture, the porter must wear cotton in his hands instead of gloves to move, and the reason for not letting everyone directly touch the sculpture is to avoid Sweat on your hands corrodes it...4. Clean the gaps when cleaning the gaps of the stainless steel sculpture, moisten it with a cotton ball and then wipe it, wipe it from the beginning to the end along the cracks, to prevent any omissions, remember not to use a wet towel directly Wipe. 5. Clean the heavy dirt. If the dirt on the rusty steel sculpture is too heavy, blow it with a cold-air hair dryer, then clean it with a straw brush, and then use a soft brush to finish it. Do not use metal polish or any other Solvent. 6. Scratch repair. For the scratches on the stainless steel sculpture, as long as it is not very serious, it can be polished and repaired. In addition, we should avoid the sculpture being scratched in our daily life, because the scratches are serious. It's easy to handle. 7. After cleaning the stainless steel sculpture, apply a thin layer of microcrystalline wax (i.e. colorless wax), basically once a year. 2. Maintenance method of stainless steel sculpture 1. The house or outdoor where the stainless steel sculpture is placed is kept dry, free of dust and air pollutants. The temperature is between 18℃-24℃, and the relative humidity is between 40%-50%. 2. Prevent contact with harmful chemical substances produced by stainless steel sculptures, such as Acids, grease, chlorides, etc. You must wear cotton gloves when moving the bronze sculpture. Do not touch it directly with your hands to avoid being corroded by the sweat on your hands. It should not be packaged in oily paper or boxes. 3. Stainless steel The dust on the sculpture should be wiped off with a clean and soft cloth, and those details that require special care (fragile and fragile) should be brushed off with a soft brush or vacuumed or blown off. 4. Prevent stainless steel sculptures from being mechanically damaged. They should not collide with each other, and do not stack and stack. For stainless steel sculptures that are finely crafted and easily damaged, they must be more carefully maintained. 5. After the stainless steel sculptures are placed for too long, According to the environment, there will be more or less dullness. At this time, you can use a cotton muslin cloth to gently wipe back and forth to achieve a polishing effect, so that the protective wax layer on the surface can regain its brilliance. The introduction of maintenance techniques and methods for stainless steel sculptures, I hope it can help you.
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