Maintenance knowledge of cast bronze sculpture and its casting process

by:Ennas      2022-02-20
Copper sculpture is a more important part of sculpture culture. Copper has a long history of heritage, and its craftsmanship is generally much more complicated than other copper making crafts, and its artistic creation is good. Therefore, it is suitable as a fine material and is well received. Favored by artists, cast bronze sculptures are more common in figure sculptures. Below, Beijing Sculpture Company will introduce the maintenance knowledge and casting process of cast bronze sculptures. First, the maintenance knowledge of cast bronze sculptures 1. The maintenance of environmental cast bronze sculptures is more important The first step is to maintain the surrounding environment. The maintenance environment of the cast bronze sculpture is kept dry, with less dust and air pollutants! So the temperature is controlled at 18 ℃-24 ℃, and the humidity is controlled at 40% -50%. 2. Defense when we are in progress When maintaining cast bronze sculptures, we need to resist harmful chemicals, such as acids, chlorides, etc. More importantly, porters wear gloves when carrying sculptures. Do not touch the sculptures directly with your hands to prevent sweat from corroding the sculptures .3. When cleaning the cast bronze sculpture, be careful not to wipe the dust with a clean soft cloth. Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to blow away the dust, and use a brush or vacuum cleaner in some grooves of the sculpture where it is not easy to wipe with a cloth. Dust away. 4. Polish some cast bronze sculptures that have been placed for a long time and show that they look dim. Do not wipe with a cloth when wiping. It should be wiped gently with a fine cotton cloth to achieve the effect of polishing or casting copper. It will be better if you add some special polishing agents. Second, the process of casting bronze sculpture 1. The process of casting bronze sculpture-modeling design First of all, the overall concept of the sculpture and the design of the drawings, and then according to the design of the bronze sculpture The pattern is analyzed. 2. The process of casting bronze sculpture-clay draft production. According to the size of the design draft, the skeleton is constructed, the soil is molded, and a rough model is made according to the pattern, which is convenient for shaping. The specific details and requirements can be elaborated on the clay Description. This process should consider the degree of realization, and then consider the overall effect. 3. The process of casting bronze sculptures-there are three types of molds: one is plaster, if it is not too complicated, the other is silicone, if It is complicated, and the other is made of FRP. The specific mold used can be determined according to the specific situation, because the process and cost of each mold are not used, and the more important thing is the cost. 4. Cast copper sculpture casting The process of pouring paraffin wax after the mold is turned over, the molten paraffin wax is poured into the plaster mold or silicone mold that has been made. After the paraffin wax is cooled and solidified, it becomes a wax model. 5. The process of casting copper sculptures -: shell making The shell manufacturing is divided into two categories: one is small parts or complex precision casting, the so-called precision manufacturing is to wrap the wax mold with an exquisite quartz sand layer, and then use high temperature to burn the paraffin in the shell. The other is Resin sand box is generally suitable for simple, flat relief, large copper coins, the back of copper Buddha statues, etc. 6. The process of casting copper sculptures-casting high temperature converts copper into copper water and injects it into a good shell or sand box. 7. The process of casting bronze sculpture-polishing and cleaning the riser. 8. The process of casting bronze sculpture-splicing and combining the polished bronze sculptures into a complete whole. 9. The process of casting bronze sculpture-cleaning In order to meet the requirements of the design and production process, the welded joints have been treated to the limit of the welded parts of the stitched copper sculpture. 10. The process of casting copper sculptures-the color processing is based on the requirements of the customer or the specific situation of the sample design, due to different periods The colors are different. Ancient colors are generally suitable for bronze, modern ones are generally suitable for bronze colors, and modern ones are a large number of cast bronze sculptures, either gilded or painted. 11. The process of casting bronze sculptures— —Greasing, sealing wax, oiling and sealing wax can make cast bronze sculptures look new. The above is an introduction to the maintenance knowledge of cast bronze sculptures and the casting process. I hope it can help you.
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