Main designers, a 'independent medal of freedom' figurines inside ( Figure)

by:Ennas      2020-05-31
Core tip: 593) 这一点。 宽度= 593” alt = ' ” src=' http://www。 cn - diaosu。 com/file/upload/202001/29/111659801。 jpg” / > Main designers, a 'independence schoenberg, 593) 这一点。 宽度= 593 ' alt = ' src = ' http://www。 cn - diaosu。 com/file/upload/202001/29/111659801。 JPG '/ > main designers, a' independent medal of freedom 'figurines inside on July 7th, the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War memorial in front of the medal of freedom' independence figurines. New SheFa final design scheme in June to determine yesterday morning, the capital from all walks of life in the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War memorial grand rally, to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War ethical. Ceremony is one of the most important link, is to 'independent medal of freedom' small statue. Yesterday morning, Beijing day figure design engineering co. , LTD. Main designer tain, and art director zhao Zou Feng an interview with reporters, said the end of last year began to communication, and the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War memorial in a dozen times back and forth revision opinion, determine the final plan until June this year. Master zhao QinJieShao stylist, the front and sides embossed engraved with auspicious clouds and dove different decorative pattern, a symbol of peace. This material is wrought brass, positive medal is gold-plated, 4 meters long, 3. 2 meters, before the high 0. After 27 meters, high 0. 57 meters. Figurines as independent medal of freedom as the main body, the base set '1937. 7. Outbreak of 7 ', 'the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War memorial' words in both Chinese and English. Figurine body for all around, side relief is to let people do not forget national humiliation, the significance of using the (kind of text interpretation. The remaining three parts on the Yellow River, the Yangtze river, dove, xiangyun, symbol of the Chinese nation the spirit of perseverance to yearn for peace. In addition to the main body, small statues with 14 columns, representatives from the '918' began in the fourteenth year of the war of resistance against Japan, each column is equipped with four MEDALS. Wrought brass is the use of the ductility of copper material rise to carve engraves process, is a flower of traditional handcraft flowers in our country. A month of time to complete, wrought brass as the purple more formal, gold-plated mainly some gold in order to photograph echo, according to the color of the medal of freedom to determine. The total weight of a small statue 1. The copper plate for 5 tons, 3 mm thick. A total of more than 20 people involved in design and production. The figurine has a inclined plane, have a certain Angle. Small statue in front of groove used for drainage, drain and found a place for seven. Independent medal of freedom was awarded China's people's liberation army of the People's Republic of China in 1955, July 7, 1937 to September 2, 1945 during a medal meritorious persons who take part in the Anti-Japanese War. Among independent appearance of anise star medal of freedom design, for the red star over the yenan forever. Independent medal of freedom is divided into three, zhu DE, etc, 117 the first batch was awarded the first class independent medal of freedom. According to the legal evening news reported
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