Magical and Magical Household Goods Suspended Light Bulb

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

Is there a suspension technique for light bulbs? This open world is so crazy, the editor deeply feels that the earth is too dangerous. This is indeed the first time I have seen the floating light bulb editor. I now think that designers are not magical. Any magical creation can be designed. I really admire it. Since I have come into contact with various creative design products, I regret the university. Why didn’t I study majors such as industrial design when I was so qualified and self-worth? There is a lot of preface. I'm sorry. I will introduce you a floating light bulb today. It is a masterpiece brought by the designer Simon Morris. It is very novel and interesting. This bulb is called Flyte, and it looks like an inverted light bulb placed on a wooden base. The point is that the bulb is indeed suspended in mid-air, and it really floats in the air. Users can also rotate the light bulb directly by hand, and turn the light bulb bright while turning it~ This light bulb is more novel and interesting in a petty bourgeois environment such as a coffee shop, and it is particularly good for decoration and practicality.
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