MAGFORMERS thoughtful and creative figure

by:Ennas      2021-11-06
[China Toys Net] On October 20, the world's best children's toy brand MAGFORMERS made a grand debut at the 2015 China Toy Fair. At the media meeting, representative Tian Zhemin of MAGFORMERS China will officially enter the Chinese market with its 3D magnetic educational toys, bringing more creative fun to children. At the 2015 China Toy Fair media meeting, representatives of Park Kee Young from GYMWORLD from MAGFORMERS global headquarters and Tian Zhemin from MAGFORMERS China had a cordial exchange with everyone and shared the innovative brand concept of MAGFORMERS, The development history, and the vision for the development of the Chinese market, and a wonderful demonstration of product functions.  Tetsumin Tian said: As an innovative brand in the global toy industry, MAGFORMERS officially entered the Chinese market, which proves that we attach great importance to the world’s largest toy market. Today, by taking advantage of the brand's official entry into China, we can increase the confidence of contracted partners and potential agents in products and brands by sharing product diversity and global development. At the same time, by appearing at toy fairs and media meetings, the brand's popularity in the toy market and consumers can be enhanced, and MAGFORMERS will become a representative brand of 3D magnetic educational teaching aids in China. solid foundation.  MAGFORMERS is the most powerful 3D magnetic educational toy, which can lead children into the world of unlimited imagination and creativity. Children can instantly transform 2D plane shapes into more than 100 3D three-dimensional shapes. It covers the expansion of spatial thinking, aesthetic creation, social culture and other aspects, and has gradually become the aesthetic trend of adults dressing up life and office space. Taste. Known as a thoughtful toy.  Actually, since 2014, MAGFORMERS Global Headquarters South Korea GYMWORLE has begun to test the water in the Chinese market and has achieved good results. In addition to being the first to test sales on TV shopping platforms such as Oriental CJ u200bu200band Beijing Youshopping, it has also successfully signed contracts with top toy distributors and agents such as China's R Us. In September 2015, China's first flagship store was grandly unveiled in Shanghai New World Department Store, making everyone look forward to this world-selling toy brand. It is understood that after the exhibition, MAGFORMERS will be put on sale in more than 20 stores in R Us, and will launch toy series such as STEAM MASTER in November... We believe that with the comprehensive market strategy of MAGFORMERS in China Launched, the Chinese toy market will set off a wave of MAGFORMERS creativity.
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